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Gomori stain
Gomori-Färbung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Gomori' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Gomori stain
Gomori-Färbung {f}biochem.
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  • Periodic-Acid-Schiff (PAS), Gomori's-Grocott's, and Gridley's silver stains are used for examination of histopathological sections.
  • Maria Gomori (May 25, 1920 – December 10, 2021) was a Hungarian-born Canadian pioneer in the field of systems family therapy.
  • Gomori-positive cytoplasmic granules are derived from damaged mitochondria engulfed within lysosomes.
  • The fungus can be observed microscopically in infected tissued mounted in potassium or sodium hydroxide solution containing the fluorescent brightener, calcofluor white, or in fungal-specific tissue stains such as Gomori methenamine silver (GMS) stain.
  • In pathology, the Grocott-Gomori's (or Gömöri) methenamine silver stain, abbreviated GMS, is a popular staining method in histology.

  • György Gömöri (also George Gömöri or George Gomori; 1904–1957) was a Hungarian-American physician who became famous as a histochemist.
  • The city has two railway stations (Tiszai and Gömöri) and a small unpaved airport, which is not open to the public, used mainly as a sports facility and has no role in public transport since 1963.
  • The Spiš-Gemer Karst (Slovak: "Spišsko-gemerský kras", Hungarian: "Szepes-gömöri karszt") is a part (a geomorphological area) in the Slovenské rudohorie Mountains.
  • It can be used in the Mallory's trichrome stain of connective tissue and Gömöri trichrome stain of muscle tissue. It is used in differential staining.
  • Aniline blue or its constituents are used to stain collagen, as the fibre stain in Masson's trichrome, and Gömöri trichrome stain. It is used in differential staining.

  • Muscle biopsy: ragged red fibers in Gömöri trichrome stain.
  • The word "trichrome" means "three colours". The first staining protocol that was described as "trichrome" was Mallory's trichrome stain, which differentially stained erythrocytes to a red colour, muscle tissue to a red colour, and collagen to a blue colour. Some other trichrome staining protocols are the Masson's trichrome stain, Lillie's trichrome, and the Gömöri trichrome stain.
  • Miskolc has a long history of mass transport. The first tramway was built in 1897, and Miskolc was the first Hungarian city to have a scheduled bus line in 1903. Today Miskolc is one of only six Hungarian cities that have its own mass transport company. The city has two railway stations (Tiszai and Gömöri) and an unpaved airport which is not open to the public and plays no role in mass transport. There is also a narrow-gauge railway line between Miskolc and Lillafüred, but it has no importance other than being a tourist attraction.
  • There are many museums as well, the Mining Museum in Rožňava, Gemersko-Malohontské múzeum (Gemer-Malohont Museum) in Rimavská Sobota, Gömöri Múzeum in Putnok and Mining Expositions in Rákoš and in Nižná Slaná.
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