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NOUN   an H-bomb | H-bombs
Wasserstoffbombe {f}
H-Bombe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'H bomb' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Wasserstoffbombe {f}mil.weapons

H-Bombe {f}weapons
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  • The perceived name of the letter affects the choice of indefinite article before initialisms beginning with H: for example "an H-bomb" or "a H-bomb".
  • In March 1955 Bevan, who had given no hint of disagreement with party policy at the party meeting a few days earlier, now challenged Attlee in a House of Commons debate to demand terms for use of the new H-Bomb in return for Labour's support for the weapon.
  • According to Françoise Ulam: "Stan would reassure me that, barring accidents, the H-bomb rendered nuclear war impossible."
  • In 1950, John Wheeler was setting up a secret H-bomb research lab at Princeton University.
  • The issue is controversial. Bethe considered Teller's contribution to the invention of the H-bomb a true innovation as early as 1952, and referred to his work as a "stroke of genius" in 1954.
  • Frank also wrote a 160-page non-fiction book, "How To Survive the H Bomb And Why" (1962).
  • Collins played on albums by Freekbass and H-Bomb. In 1990, he performed on Deee-Lite's biggest hit "Groove Is in the Heart". In 2007, he contributed guitar work to the "Superbad" movie soundtrack.
  • Nakamura has been nicknamed "The H Bomb" because of his explosive style of playing.
  • Colin Irwin, a journalist for "The Guardian", believes the modern British protest movement started in 1958 when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament organized a 53-mile march from Trafalgar Square to Aldermaston, to protest Britain's participation in the arms race and recent testing of the H-bomb.
  • While fusion was achieved in the operation of the hydrogen bomb (H-bomb), for it to be a useful energy source controlled, sustained fusion is required.
  • In an H-bomb, this is provided by a nuclear fission explosive.
  • 1860–1927), its former use as the site of the first British H-bomb tests (Operation Grapple, 1957), and its current importance as a protected area for breeding seabirds.
  • Jump blues singer H-Bomb Ferguson was from Cincinnati.
  • , "The Progressive" gained national attention for its article by Howard Morland, "The H-bomb Secret: How we got it and why we're telling it", which the U.S.
  • The head of the British H-bomb project, Sir William Penney, visited Fuchs in prison in 1952.
  • China's H-bomb was different from the traditional Teller-Ulam configuration.
  • With Oppenheimer and Lilienthal removed, President Truman announced his decision to develop and produce the hydrogen bomb.
  • The United Kingdom conducted its first hydrogen bomb test series, Grapple 1-3, at Malden Island from 15 May to 19 June 1957 and used Kiritimati as the operation's main base.
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