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NOUN   an H-cap | H-caps
H-caps [sl.]
Heroin {n} in Kapseln
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Übersetzung für 'H caps' von Englisch nach Deutsch

H-caps [sl.]
Heroin {n} in Kapselndrugs
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • ... stylized in all caps), was a one-off pop duo composed of Korean singer Kangta formerly of H.O.T and Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu of F4 fame.
  • Although the H cap has a distinct advantage over most other downdraft caps, it fell out of favor because of its bulky design.
  • In the same year, two club members, J D and H J Graham, gained one and four caps respectively for England.
  • All-navy caps feature the modified "H-star" logo incorporating a planet in orbit.
  • Although the H-cap has a distinctive advantage over most other downdraft caps, it fell out of favor because of its bulky looks.
  • Given assistance from Mayor Maggie, H.J. Elephant reads his first words on Lady Elaine's new show, "The Reading Game". Mr. McFeely shows Rogers a video on how ball caps are made.
  • Hudson Ramblers also received "H" symbols on fuel filler caps (and, in 1956, also on hubcaps).
  • Meredith was one of seven new caps in the Welsh squad, and one of five in the pack, which included fellow Swansea teammates W.H.
  • Conversely, mushrooms at low altitudes, such as in the redwood forests, can grow and expand rapidly with large caps that have prominent scales.
  • The mushrooms, commonly known as elfin saddles, are identified by their irregularly shaped caps, fluted stems, and fuzzy undersurfaces.
  • revealed the existence of a filamentary extension of the Pavo-Indus Supercluster known as the Arch that caps the Local Void in the supergalactic north and provides a connection to the Perseus–Pisces Supercluster before terminating close to the NGC 7242 Cluster.
  • Chris Hunter (born November 27, 1972 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a former field hockey forward from Canada, who earned a total number of 69 international caps for the Women's National Team during her career in the 1990s.
  • Charles Campbell won eight Scottish Cup winners medals with Queen's and earned 13 Scotland caps.
  • 69 Caliber Flintlocks altered to use percussion caps.
  • Sibbert's design mimicked much of the flagship New York store’s design while making room for Meso-American accents (such as the stylized Mayan caps above the upper windows) popular throughout Fort Worth’s Art Deco buildings.
  • Its gabled roof has a similar treatment as the gatehouse, with exposed rafters and stucco chimneys with arched caps.
  • Her political activism made her the target of slander: the caps politician Johan Arckenholtz accused her of having had an affair with William VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel during his visit in Sweden in 1732 and of having had a child with the Hessian president Dörnberg.
  • These secondary growths typically number between four and seven; some may be aborted as the nutrients from the pine cone substrate are depleted, resulting in stems lacking caps.
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