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NOUN   H-hour | H-hours
hour <h, hr>
Stunde {f} <h, Std., St.>
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every hour {adv} <q.h., qh> [quaque hora]
stündlich <stdl., qh>
Stunde {f} X
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every other hour {adv} <q.o.h., qoh, QOH>
jede 2. Stunde
kilocalorie per hour <kcal/h>
Kilokalorie {f} pro Stunde <kcal/h>
kilometer per hour <kmph, km/h> [Am.]
Kilometer {m} pro Stunde <km/h>
kilometers per hour <km/h, kph, kmph> [Am.]Stundenkilometer {pl} <km/h> [ugs.]
kilometers per hour <km/h, kph, kmph> [Am.]
Kilometer {pl} pro Stunde <km/h>
kilometre per hour <kmph, km/h> [Br.]
Kilometer {m} pro Stunde <km/h>
kilometres per hour <kmph, km/h> [Br.]
Kilometer {pl} pro Stunde <km/h>
sievert per hour <Sv/h>
Sievert {n} pro Stunde <Sv/h>
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24-hour urine collection <24-h urine collection>
24-Stunden-Sammelurin {m} <24-Std.-Sammelurin>
24-hour urine collection <24-h urine collection>
24-Stunden-Urinsammelmenge {f} <24-Std.-Urinsammelmenge> [24-Std.-Sammelurin]
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British thermal unit per hour <BTU/h, Btu/h>
[Maßeinheit der Leistung im englischsprachigen Raum; ca. 0,293 W]
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  • "H-Hour Hotel" and "On the Road" are included on the 2011 compilation album, "Besides".
  • Hottelet rode along in a bomber over Utah Beach at H-Hour, the initial phase of the invasion.
  • The phrase "H-Minus" signifies the Regiment's readiness prior to the start of the operation, or "H-Hour".
  • President Bill Clinton order to Task Force 77 while this is H-Hour aboard the US Navy aircraft carrier including EA-6B, F/A-18, and F-14 aircraft in 1992 to 2003, the US military engagements in Southern Watch occurred with regularity, with Coalition aircraft routinely being shot at by Iraqi air defense forces utilizing surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA), although such incidents were usually only reported in the Western press occasionally.
  • Several hours prior to H-hour, these aircraft and crews were instead sent to support a raid near Colón, Panama, a key PDF stronghold where PDF leaders were believed to be.
  • Cota landed with a part of the 116th Infantry Regiment, part of the 29th Division, in the second wave, approximately one hour after H-Hour on the Omaha sector known as Dog White.
  • Near H-Hour, Mako 31 found a group of foreign fighters that had established a position and were manning a DShK HMG on the peak where they planned to set up an observation post.
  • H Hour was at 0300hrs on 24 February 1991: (G Day).
  • For Red Beach and Blue Beach, Vice Admiral James H. Doyle, Commander of an amphibious ready group, announced that H-Hour, time of landing, would be 17:30.
  • Delaying H-Hour for a higher tide, to clear offshore reefs, the Canadian landing at Courseulles-sur-Mer began slightly later than those to the west, giving the German defender a warning they would need.
  • Near H-hour on D-Day, 25 Oct. 1983, the "Caron" recovered a 20-man Navy SEAL/Air Force reconnaissance team from waters off the island's southwest coast.
  • The Allied planes dropped 442 tons of bombs on the Abbey and its immediate environs in two separate attacks on 15 February, one between 09:30 and 10:00 and the other between 10:30 and 13:30, but the infantry attack, which was to commence directly after the second bombing mission, was delayed due to differences regarding H-Hour between Freyberg and his 7th Indian Brigade.
  • H-hour was set for 7.25, and after a delay of twenty minutes for a more favourable tide in the Juno sector, "Prince David" [...] s landing craft started their hour-long trip to the beaches.
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