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H-section / H section
H-Profil {n}
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H-section / H section
H-Profil {n}constr.tech.
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  • The points a through h in the figure play a role in the discussion in this section.
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms includes provisions such as section 11(h) prohibiting double jeopardy.
  • Miller's government-issued, white marble, memorial headstone is located in Memorial Section H (# 464-A) by Wilson Drive at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.
  • The AREX was not constructed as high-speed rail, resulting a cap of 150 km/h on KTX service in its section.
  • The following section gives an example which illustrates why it is "not" acceptable to add an arbitrary solenoidal field to E × H.
  • Galton's solution to this problem was presented in his Presidential Address at the September 1885 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, as he was serving at the time as President of Section H: Anthropology.
  • ] section of the T-V-H submarine cable that connected Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, afflicting Vietnam's Internet users with far slower speeds.
  • In Samoa crimes motivated by sexual orientation and/or gender identity are criminalized under Section 7(1)(h) of the "Sentencing Act 2016".
  • Another one is "h" = [...] = 0.618... for the regular dodecahedron. See section "Geometric freedom" for other cases.
  • He was founder of Astral Oil Works in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York.
  • weapons laboratory, as well as a custom-built battle van, constructed by the Wakanda Design Group with the ability to change its color for disguise purposes (red, white and blue), and fitted to store and conceal the custom motorcycle in its rear section with a frame that allows Rogers to launch from the vehicle riding it.
  • Because of its nanoscale cross-section, electrons propagate only along the tube's axis.
  • In other words, in a monoid (an associative unital magma) every element has at most one inverse (as defined in this section).
  • This was matched by several Leeds to London Class 91-operated East Coast trains if their two-minute recovery allowance for this section is excluded from the public timetable.
  • The Political Economy section of the American Political Science Association awards an annual book prize in his name as well.
  • Also consider Eric Frank Russell's book "The Great Explosion" (1963), the last section of which details an economic and social utopia.
  • Congress refused to seat them and drafted Section 3 to perpetuate, as a constitutional imperative, that any who violate their oath to the Constitution are to be barred from public office.
  • Some of these stations also acted as 'Y' stations to collect German messages, but a new section was created within Room 40 to plot the positions of ships from the directional reports.
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