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double hump <H2>
Doppelhump {m} <H2>
molecular hydrogen <H2>
molekularer Wasserstoff {m} <H2>
H2-receptor antagonists
H2-Rezeptorantagonisten {pl}
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  • Doppelhump {m} <H2> = double hump <H2>
  • H2-Rezeptorantagonisten {pl} = H2-receptor antagonists
  • molekularer Wasserstoff {m} <H2> = molecular hydrogen <H2>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • gauge 0-8-0 (D-h2) Kolomna Locomotive Works factory type 157 steam locomotives, after which the factory switched to making submarine diesel motors.
  • Black starts a combination leading to material gain. The inconspicuous knight on h2 will single-handedly wreak havoc in Whites position.
  • 3...h2 4. Bf8! h1=Q 5. Bh6!
  • If 3...h3 then 4.Kd6 h2 5.c7, draw.
  • The fictive model structure for this discussion has two confined quantized electronic and two hole subbands, e1, e2 and h1, h2, respectively.

  • The inscriptions are graphically very similar to the Serabit inscriptions, but show a greater hieroglyphic influence, such as a glyph for a man that was apparently not read alphabetically: The first of these ("h1") is a figure of celebration A28, whereas the second ("h2") is either that of a child A17 or of dancing A32.
  • Black cannot be checkmated in the a8-corner because the knight on h2 is too far away to help deliver mate: Black draws by pushing the pawn as soon as White moves the knight on h2.
  • From the mid-1930s until their replacement by diesel locomotives, the 2-8-4 (1’D2’-h2) wheel arrangement was relatively common in the former Soviet Union.
  • Blatny often plays the London System in an attacking style, and, unlike most people who play this system, does not play h2-h3.
  • In geometry, the cantic order-4 hexagonal tiling is a uniform tiling of the hyperbolic plane. It has Schläfli symbol of t0,1{(4,4,3)} or h2{6,4}.

  • Therefore, rHS = cov(HS) / s2all HS together = s2A + ¼ s2D / s2P = ¼ H2 .
  • White plays h2-e2, continuing the blockade of the first rank. The piece moves three squares, jumping over a friendly piece.
  • Themes for White: Outpost on d5, kingside attack (either f2–f4–f5 with kingside castling or h2–h4–h5 with queenside castling), weakness of Black's queenside pawn [...] in the endgame.
  • Besides, the Bc5 can sometimes be recycled to the b8–h2 [...] via Bc5–a7–b8, to apply still more pressure on h2.
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