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gourde <HTG>
Gourde {f} <HTG>
Haitian gourde <HTG>
Haitianische Gourde {f} <HTG>
high-tension glaucoma <HTG>
Hochdruckglaukom {n} [auch: Hochdruck-Glaukom]
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  • Gourde {f} <HTG> = gourde <HTG>
  • Haitianische Gourde {f} <HTG> = Haitian gourde <HTG>
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  • 115/kWh In August 2009, the electricity tariff was increased to 12-14 HTG/kWh resp.
  • In 1957, the Navy changed the designation system it used to identify aircraft training units and in March 1957, HTU-1 was re-designated Helicopter Training Group ONE (HTG-1).
  • ... abbreviated as HTG) is a secondary school in Tartu, Estonia with special emphasis on science education.
  • The gourde (...) or goud (...) is the currency of Haiti. Its ISO 4217 code is HTG and it is divided into 100 "centimes" (French) or "santim" (Creole).
  • In April 1993, according to the Document of HTG (92) No.

  • The newspaper is printed by HTG Trykk AS in Harstad.
  • Heritage Media Corporation (NYSE: HTG) was a media company which owned television and radio stations across the United States, as well as in-store and direct marketing companies.
  • Therefore, the existing legal framework makes it possible for the Governor of Hawaii or the state legislative to order the reactivation of a Hawaii state defense force in the future, inheriting the lineage and traditions of the old HTG.
  • During this time he led negotiations for the HTG-Parks Canada Cooperative Park Management agreementand the HTG-Archaeology branch agreement; co-authored the HTG Strategic Land Use Plan, and Call to Action on Shared Decision Making, participated in the Common Table negotiations, and contributed to the HTG petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).
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