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Hasidic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'Hasidic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Hasidic {adj}
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  • His sons were Yaakov David Kalish, founder of the Amshinov hasidic dynasty in Mszczonów, and Menachem Mendel Kalish, his successor in Warka.
  • In 2016, hasidic singer Mordechai Ben David attracted controversy after a video taken at his December 28 concert in Jerusalem, wherein he referred to US President Barack Obama as a kushi, was circulated online.
  • Some Nusach Sefard communities omit Tachanun during mincha, primarily because it was common for Hasidic congregations to pray mincha after sunset, in which case some hold that Tachanun needs be omitted.
  • Among other hasidic melodies specific to Savran, Rebbe Moshe Zvi Giterman composed a very inspiring version of "B'nei heicholo" that is traditionally sung at Seudah Shlishit.
  • Rabbi Hillel Lichtenstein (1814-1891) was a Hungarian rabbi and the leader of hasidic Orthodoxy in Hungary.

  • Eishes Chayil was born as Judy Brown, to Ruthie Lichtenstein, the publisher of Hamodia, the large hasidic-owned ultra-Orthodox daily newspaper.
  • Along with the dominant Munkácser hasidic community there co-existed smaller yet vibrant Hasidic groups who were followers of the rebbes Belz, of Spinka, Zidichov, and Vizhnitz.
  • Sztencl was born on 16 August 1884 (25 Av 5644) in Czeladź, Poland to Chaim Dov (Berish) Sztencl of Czeladź, a Radomsker hasidic rabbi.
  • Zajdel is an Orthodox Jew of the Lubavitcher hasidic movement. He serves as director for the foundation of the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital in Laval, Quebec.
  • Alongside his academic and interfaith work, Goshen-Gottstein has also recorded hasidic music. His work has been released on the Italian label Amiata Records.

  • Although Sofer's ancestors were not hasidic, he was influenced by Rokeach and the Skverer rebbe to adopt numerous hasidic customs.
  • Descendants of the pre-Holocaust hasidic rabbinate in Oradea established a synagogue in the Willowbrook area of Staten Island, New York City.
  • "Haredi" applies to a populace that can be roughly divided into three separate groups along both ethnic and ideological lines: (1) "Lithuanian" (non-hasidic) "haredim" of Ashkenazic origin; (2) Hasidic "haredim" of Ashkenazic origin; and (3) Sephardic "haredim".
  • Artist and [...] Yitzchok Moully has adapted silkscreen techniques, bright colours and Jewish and Hasidic images to create a form of "Chasidic Pop Art".
  • Kehillas Yaakov Pupa (also "Puppa"; Hebrew/Yiddish: קהלת יעקב פאפא) is a hasidic dynasty, named after the Yiddish name of the town of its origin (known in Hungarian as Pápa).

  • Tali Avrahami (Hebrew: טלי אברהמי; born January 15, 1969) is an Israeli filmmaker, producer, entertainer, and educator; a Chabad hasidic woman, who creates films aimed at an audience of haredi women.
  • Chasidica was formed in 2007 by brothers Sagi and Idan Givol.
  • His most important work is "Devĕt bran", published in English as "Nine Gates to the Chasidic Mysteries".
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