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Haskala {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Haskalah' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Haskala {f}hist.philos.relig.
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  • Language played a key role in the haskalah movement, as Mendelssohn and others called for a revival of Hebrew and a reduction in the use of Yiddish.
  • In a letter he wrote in 1832 Strashun expressed support for the Haskalah, the Jewish enlightenment movement.
  • The contemporary phenomenon of OTD shares some similarities with the Haskalah movement in its disaffection with traditional modes of religion, its secularization and interest in secular education, and in experimenting with a secular Jewish culture.
  • Lebensohn was recognized in his later years as a pioneer of the Haskalah in northwestern Russia.
  • The nineteenth century intellectual Joel Baer Falkovich was also born in Dubno and was a pioneer of the Haskalah there, although he relocated to Odessa later in life.

  • Prague became an active center for the Haskalah in the nineteenth century, and the best known among the Haskalah writers there was Jehudah Loeb Jeiteles (1773–1838), author of witty epigrams ("Bene ha-Ne'urim") and of works directed against Hasidism and against superstition.
  • Landau condemned the haskalah movement in harsh terms.
  • was a Russian-Jewish writer who was associated with the Jewish Enlightenment movement ("haskalah").
  • Shimshon became greatly influenced by the movement of Haskalah.
  • ... , died in the 1870s) was an early Yiddish Theatre dramatist, literary figure, and supporter of the Haskalah from the Russian Empire.

  • At this time, the Haskalah movement had made an impression on the general Jewish Population of the Austria-Hungarian empire with many Jews assimilating or rejecting the traditional orthodox approach to Judaism.
  • Menachem Mendel Lefin (also Menahem Mendel Levin) (1749–1826) was an early leader of the Haskalah movement.
  • The ideas and style of the work played an important role in debates within the Haskalah or Jewish Enlightenment movement.
  • Lippmann Moses Büschenthal (12 May 1782 – 27 December 1818) [...] was a Franco-German rabbi, poet and dramatist of the Haskalah movement.
  • Isaac Abraham Euchel ([...]; born at Copenhagen, October 17, 1756; died at Berlin, June 14, 1804) was a Hebrew author and founder of the "Haskalah-movement".

  • David Franco Mendes ([...]; 13 August 1713 – 10 October 1792), also known as David Ḥofshi (...), was a Dutch-Jewish Hebrew-language poet. He was an early member of the Haskalah in Holland.
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