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Hasmonean kingdom
hasmonäisches Königreich {n}
Hasmonean {adj}
kingdomReich {n} [Königreich]
kingdomKönigreich {n}
Merovingian kingdom
Merowingerreich {n}
hermit kingdom
Einsiedlerkönigreich {n}
peaceful kingdom
Friedensreich {n}
Lombard kingdom
Langobardenreich {n}
mountain kingdomBergkönigreich {n}
Ryukyu Kingdom
Königreich {n} Ryūkyū
intermediate kingdom
Zwischenreich {n}
kingdom [regnum]
Regnum {n} [Reich]
Mushroom Kingdom
Pilzkönigreich {n}
world kingdom
Weltreich {n}
Bosporan Kingdom
Bosporanisches Reich {n}
Hunnish kingdom
Hunnenreich {n}
plant kingdom
Pflanzenwelt {f}
floristic kingdom
Florenreich {n}
peaceable kingdom
Friedensreich {n}
Vandal kingdom
Vandalenreich {n}
petty kingdom
Kleinkönigreich {n}
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  • Out of this revolt was formed an independent Jewish kingdom known as the Hasmonean kingdom, which lasted from 141 BCE to 63 BCE.
  • Later, especially after the failure of the Hasmonean Kingdom (37 BC) and the Jewish–Roman wars (AD 66–135), the figure of the Jewish messiah was one who would deliver the Jews from oppression and usher in an Olam Haba ("world to come") or Messianic Age.
  • Phasael was born in the Hasmonean Kingdom to an aristocratic family of Edomite descent.
  • The Hasmonean dynasty ended in 37 BCE when the Idumean Herod the Great became king of Israel, designated "King of the Jews" by the Roman Senate, effectively transforming the Hasmonean Kingdom into the Herodian Kingdom – a client kingdom of Rome.
  • In 113-112 BCE, the region was captured by the John Hyrcanus, who converted the Edomites to Judaism and incorporated Idumaea into the Hasmonean kingdom.

  • Under the Hasmonean Kingdom, the Idumeans were forced to convert to Judaism, by threat of exile or death, depending on the source.
  • In 90 BCE, Jewish ruler Alexander Jannaeus captured Straton's Tower as part of his policy of developing the shipbuilding industry and enlarging the Hasmonean kingdom.
  • Outlying regions became independent kingdoms, notably the Hasmonean kingdom in Judaea.
  • He then brought in new settlers of devout Jews and fortified it, making it part of the Hasmonean kingdom.
  • Ptolemy son of Abubus was an official in the early Hasmonean kingdom which then controlled Judea. According to the book of 1 Maccabees, in 135 BC, he served as the governor of Jericho.

  • Simon (and its Hebrew form, Simeon) would go on to become the most popular male name for some three centuries afterward in both the Hasmonean Kingdom and Roman Judea.
  • During the era of the Hasmonean kingdom, Hanukkah was observed prominently; it acted as a "Hasmonean Independence Day" to commemorate the success of the revolt and the legitimacy of the Hasmonean rulers.
  • Forces of the Roman Republic conquered the Hasmonean kingdom in 63 BCE and made it into a client state; Herod the Great displaced the last reigning Hasmonean client-ruler in 37 BCE.
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