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Here I am.Hier bin ich.
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Am I right here?Bin ich hier richtig?
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Here I am Man, here dare it to be! [trans. G. M. Priest]
Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich's sein! [Johann W. v. Goethe]
I am here by myself.Ich bin alleine hier. [ugs.] [I. b. allein h.]
I am here on business.
Ich bin geschäftlich hier.
I am here on pleasure.Ich bin zum Vergnügen hier.
I am here to defend the right to offend. [Ayaan Hirsi Ali]
Ich bin hier, um das Recht auf Beleidigung zu verteidigen.
I am pleased to be here.Ich freue mich, hier zu sein.
I am the boss here!Ich bin hier der Chef!
What the hell am I doing here? [coll.]Was zum Teufel mache ich hier eigentlich?
I'm right, am I not?Habe ich recht, ja?
Are you looking forward to your parents' visit? - I am and I'm not. Freust du dich auf den Besuch deiner Eltern? - Teils, teils!
I am.Ich bin.
Am I Beautiful?
Bin ich schön? [Doris Dörrie]
I am patient.Ich gedulde mich.
Am I dreaming?Träume ich?
Am I intruding?Störe ich etwa?
Am I interrupting?Störe ich?
I am grieved.Es berührt mich schmerzlich.
I am stingy.Ich geize.
I am cold.Mir ist kalt.
Am I right?Habe ich recht?
Neither am I.Genauso wenig wie ich.
Am I right?Liege ich richtig?
I am warm.Mir ist warm.
I am OK.Mir geht es gut.
I am scared.Mir ist angst.
I am scared.Mir wird angst (und bange).
I am grieved.Es tut mir leid.
Neither am I.Genausowenig wie ich. [alt]
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  • Napoleon stepped towards the soldiers and said those famous words: "If there is among you a soldier who wants to kill his Emperor, here I am."
  • English: Here I Am, Here I Stay.
  • Here I am at Camp Granada.
  • He appeared in the rock and roll movies "Rock Around the Clock" and "Don't Knock the Rock" in 1956, "Hier bin ich - hier bleib' ich" (Here I Am, Here I Stay) in 1959, and "Jóvenes y rebeldes" and "Besito a Papa" in 1961.
  • A beacon light's function is to say "here I am" and even a dim light provides enough contrast against the dark night to serve the purpose.

  • Daniel Laurent Schutte is an American composer of Catholic liturgical music and a contemporary Christian songwriter best known for composing the hymn "Here I Am, Lord" (1981, also known as "I, the Lord of Sea and Sky") and over 165 published hymns and Mass settings.
  • Canning wrote on 16 April: "Here I am immersed in papers, of which I do not yet comprehend three words in succession; but I shall get at their meaning by degrees and at my leisure.
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