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ADJ   hieratic | more hieratic | most hieratic
NOUN   hieratic | -
SYNO hieratic | hieratical | hieratic script | ...
hieratic {adj}
hieratische Schrift {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Hieratic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

hieratic {adj}

hieratische Schrift {f}ling.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The right portion of these characters are hieratic and appear to have been copied from Joseph Smith Papyrus XI.
  • Papyrus V contains numerous prescriptions dealing with the relaxation of limbs, written in hieroglyphic script, rather than hieratic script as other medical papyri were.
  • The original copy of the text consists of 155 columns of hieratic writing on the "recto" of Papyrus Berlin 3024.
  • From the 21st Dynasty onward, more copies of the "Book of the Dead" are found in hieratic script.
  • Cursive hieroglyphs should not be confused with the truly cursive form of hieroglyphs known as hieratic.

  • Papyrus Hood is a hieratic papyrus from the time of 21st Dynasty Pharaoh Amenemope, 993–984 BC.
  • Around 650 BC, the even more-cursive Demotic script developed from hieratic.
  • ... "dēmotikós", 'popular') is the ancient Egyptian script derived from northern forms of hieratic used in the Nile Delta, and the stage of the Egyptian language written in this script, following Late Egyptian and preceding Coptic.
  • His most notable contributions are in the field of hieratic writing and Egyptian paleography.
  • The Carnarvon Tablet is an ancient Egyptian inscription in hieratic recording the defeat of the Hyksos by Kamose.

  • The back of the work has a section of hieratic text, which reads: "The slaughter of every foreign land, the Pharaoh—may he live, prosper, and be healthy."
  • Both are copies made in hieratic script, with Demotic notation, during the Roman period, and were copied from a single earlier text.
  • Wilhelm Spiegelberg (25 June 1870, Hannover – 23 December 1930, Munich) was a German Egyptologist. He specialized in analyses of Demotic and hieratic text.
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