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Hierocles [Stoic]
Hierokles {m} [Stoiker]
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Übersetzung für 'Hierocles' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Hierocles [Stoic]
Hierokles {m} [Stoiker]hist.philos.
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  • It is mentioned by Hierocles and by George of Cyprus, as among the thirteen towns of Augustamnica Prima.
  • Eudoxias is mentioned only by Hierocles and the "Notitiae episcopatuum" of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
  • Cestrus was a city in the Roman province of Isauria, in Asia Minor. Its placing within Isauria is given by Hierocles, Georgius Cyprius, and Parthey's ("Notitiae episcopatuum").
  • The town is mentioned in Georgius Cyprius, Hierocles's "Synecdemos" (727, 2), and Parthey's "Notitia Prima", about 840, as a bishopric depending on Pelusium.
  • Motella seems to be the town which Hierocles calls Pulcherianopolis.

  • Syia or Suia (...), also Syba (Σύβα), It probably existed as late as the time of Hierocles (6th century), though now entirely uninhabited.
  • It is mentioned as a bishopric by Hierocles and other ecclesiastical writers.
  • As one of the most prominent cities in Cyprus, the city is mentioned by several ancient authors including: Ptolemy (v. 14. § 2), Stephanus of Byzantium, Hierocles and Pliny the Elder.
  • The Itinerarium Burdigalense also mentions it, as do the Ravenna Cosmography, Hierocles and the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII.
  • In the time of Pliny the Elder, Pharsalus was a free state. It is also mentioned by Hierocles in the sixth century.

  • It was mentioned by Pliny the Elder and Hierocles but is best known for its coins which it minted, and which are in existence today.
  • It is mentioned by Hierocles.
  • Bubon is mentioned by Pliny, Ptolemy, and Hierocles. Pliny mentions a kind of chalk (creta) that was found about Bubon.
  • Hierocles was a "praeses" at some time between 293 and 303.
  • The village is the successor of the ancient city Tremithus (...), mentioned by Ptolemy, Hierocles, George of Cyprus, Stephanus of Byzantium and other ancient geographers.

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