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I agree with ...Ich stimme ... zu.
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For once, I agree with you.In diesem Punkt sind wir uns einmal einig.
I can only agree with that / thisDem kann ich nur beipflichten.
I couldn't agree with him more.Ich bin ganz seiner Meinung.
I don't agree with that.Ich stimme damit nicht überein. [ugs.]
I quite agree with you.Ich stimme mit dir überein.
I'm afraid I don't agree (with you).Ich fürchte, ich bin nicht Ihrer Meinung.
Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong. [Oscar Wilde ]
Wenn die Leute mir zustimmen, habe ich immer das Gefühl, ich muss mich irren.
I agree.Sie haben Recht. [formelle Anrede]
I agree.Sie haben recht. [formelle Anrede]
I agree.Das sehe ich auch so.
I agree.Ich bin einverstanden.
I agree.Stimmt.
I quite agree.Ich bin der gleichen Meinung.
I (quite) agree.Ich bin (ganz) deiner Meinung.
I agree in principle.Ich bin prinzipiell einverstanden.
I'll agree to that.Hiermit bin ich einverstanden.
to agree witheinverstanden sein mit
to agree with sb.mit jdm. einig werden
to agree with sb.mit jdm. gleicher Meinung sein
to agree with sb.mit jdm. zur Übereinstimmung kommen
to agree with sb.jdm. recht geben
to agree (with / on)übereinstimmen (mit / in)
to agree with sth.mit etw.Dat. zusammenstimmen [übereinstimmen]
to agree with sb.mit jdm. übereinkommen
to agree with sb.jdm. Recht geben
to agree with sb.jdm. beipflichten
to agree with sth.sich mit etw. einverstanden erklären
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • One doctor admitted that "some people would call this a miracle." I agree with that doctor.
  • He stated in an interview, "I am a Republican because I agree with the Republicans at least 51 percent of the time."
  • "I agree with Professor Flannery that we need to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels", later adding "But I completely reject the concept of 'sustainability science' and I am tired of being told the sky is about to fall in".
  • Speaking of her departure, Owusu said: "I've had a great time playing Libby but I agree with Bryan that after four years of great storylines, it is now time for Libby to move on.
  • On which the director replied, “I agree with this.

  • The reviews within the book include Colin Wight's "Do I agree with it?
  • "I agree with you that the person must serve his country but what you are asking me is not a service to the country," Shahristani replied, he said in his book "Escaping to Freedom" (1999).
  • Lord French agreed with Maxwell…personally I agree with you she ought to be shot".
  • Kissinger: I agree with you.
  • A Voice of Russia analysis quoted Robert Pshel, head of NATO's Information Office in Moscow as saying "I agree with Mr Daalder that many modern threats are global, and tackling them without emerging powers like India is hardly possible."

  • The "Sarnia Observer" interviewed several Sarnia Sting players who were supportive of the effort, including captain Nathan Chiarlitti: "they raise a couple of solid points and I agree with them, I have no problem backing that up."
  • 1. I agree with the call of the World Peace Council for the conclusion of a peace pact (treaty) between the five great powers: the Soviet Union, the United States of America, the People's Republic of China, Great Britain and France.
  • Finally, I agree with the accurate and helpful summary of the authorities by Lewison J in "Thompson v Foy".
  • He has released the comedy specials "Gary Owen: True Story" (2012) and "Gary Owen: I Agree with Myself" (2015), both directed by Leslie Small, as well as "Gary Owen: #DoinWhatIDo" (2019), directed by Brian Volk-Weiss.
  • "When it is faith, I agree with the Pope because I am responsible for the faith."

  • Nevertheless the police do not recommend consideration of withdrawal of charges against Weir. I agree with this view.
  • The band embarked on a UK tour in November alongside Jesse Malin and the St Mark's Social and released a new digital single "I Agree With Nick/Stuck in Human Resources" on 28 November 2011, their first new material for six years.
  • Her book of essays and cartoons "What I Love About Lesbian Politics Is Arguing With People I Agree With" was published in 1991 by Alyson Books.
  • Since during recent times I have been somewhat removed from the work of the party centers, I abstain from the judgements of the two leading paragraphs of the introductory part; I agree with the rest.
  • Homer's line "Marge, I agree with you in theory. In theory, communism works — "In theory" was Jacobson's favorite of the episode.

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