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I am going.Ich gehe.
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I am going shopping.
Ich gehe einkaufen.
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I am going to sleep now.Ich gehe jetzt schlafen.
I am still going back and forth (on whether ...) Ich bin immer noch am Hin- und Herüberlegen, (ob ...)
Now I am going to tell you something.Jetzt werde ich dir mal was erzählen.
What am I going to do now?
Nun ist guter Rat teuer.
I'm right, am I not?Habe ich recht, ja?
I think I'm going to be violently sick.Mir ist speiübel.
I think I'm going to throw up. [coll.]Mir ist speiübel.
I think I'm going off my rocker.
Ich glaub, mein Schwein pfeift. [ugs.]
I don't know whether I'm coming or going.
Ich weiß nicht, wo mir der Kopf steht.
Are you looking forward to your parents' visit? - I am and I'm not. Freust du dich auf den Besuch deiner Eltern? - Teils, teils!
I am.Ich bin.
Where am I?Wo bin ich hier?
Am I interrupting?Komme ich ungelegen?
Sure I am.
Aber klar doch! [ugs.] [bestätigend]
Neither am I.Genausowenig wie ich. [alt]
I am thirsty.Mich dürstet. [geh. oder veraltet]
I am fine.Mir geht es gut.
I am ill.Ich bin krank.
Neither am I.Genauso wenig wie ich.
I am patient.Ich gedulde mich.
I am warm.Mir ist warm.
I am sorry.Es tut mir Leid. [alt]
I am OK.Mir geht es gut.
I am cold.Mich friert (es).
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Guiteau sings parts of "I am Going to the Lordy" in the musical's song "The Ballad of Guiteau".
  • His suicide note read: "I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual.
  • Before you get there, I am going to find your mother and fuck her".
  • After a long silence, Rubinstein told Cortot, "My boy, don't you ever forget what I am going to tell you.
  • He returned to France to fight in the French Revolution in 1789 (he reportedly said, "I came over Diogenes. I am going back Alexander." ...

  • Jeffries came out of retirement to challenge Johnson, saying "I am going into this fight for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a Negro".
  • You don't go to the Olympics just to say, I am going to go.
  • The title is a quotation from the "Douay–Rheims Bibles translation of the Biblical Hebrew expression, to "go the way of all the earth", meaning "to die", in the "Books of Kings": "I am going the way of all flesh: take thou courage and shew thyself a man."
  • I am going to alight ("or" land).
  • ... e. "I am going to find something I am passionate about and that makes me feel good about myself"), and would help them remain hopeful of their ability to achieve these goals, and suggest the correct pathways to do so.

  • Guiteau is arrested and sent to the gallows, where he recites a poem he wrote that morning titled "I am Going to the Lordy".
  • This is a crime I am going to commit", but he felt he had to assume that responsibility.
  • How unfortunate that I am going to die soon!" Sun Quan deeply mourned Taishi Ci's death.
  • The original construction involved physical movement with an intention, such as "I am going [...] to harvest the crop."
  • The future marker in Jamaican Creole is /de go/ [...] or /a go/: /de go hapm/ "is going to happen", /mi a go ɹon/ "I am going to run".

  • His last words were recorded as, "In spite of it all, I am going to sleep; put out the lights."
  • The first periphrastic conjugation uses the future participle. It is combined with the forms of [...]. It is translated as "I am going to praise," "I was going to praise", etc.
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