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I come from ...Ich komme aus ...
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I've come all the way from London to see you.
Ich bin extra aus London angereist, um dich zu sehen.
to come fromherkommen (von)
come from {past-p}hergerührt
to come fromstammen von / aus
to come fromhervorgehen aus
to come from ... homesaus ... Elternhäusern stammen
to come from afarvon weither kommen
to come from Hamburgaus Hamburg stammen
to come from sth.sichAkk. aus etw.Dat. ergeben
to come from behindvon hinten kommen
to come from the heart
von Herzen kommen
to come from noble parentsvon vornehmer Abstammung sein
to come from the outsidevom Ausland kommen
to come back from abroadaus dem Ausland zurückkehren
to come from sb./sth.von jdm./etw. abstammen
to come from the provincesaus der Provinz kommen
to come from all sidesaus allen Richtungen kommen
Come away from there!Geh da weg!
to come up from behindvon hinten kommen
to come from sb./sth.von jdm./etw. herkommen
to come straight from Londongeradewegs aus London kommen
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  • "Where I come from, once word gets out that you've cooperated with the police that only makes you a bigger target of criminal violence.
  • She said in a web-interview, "I come from a big family.
  • "Back Where I Come From" is a cover of Mac McAnally's 1990 single from his album "Simple Life", while "When I Close My Eyes" had been recorded by Restless Heart lead singer Larry Stewart on his 1993 debut album "Down the Road", and by Keith Palmer before that.
  • Another song on "Verità supposte" is "Vengo dalla Luna" ("I Come From the Moon"), which tells the story of an alien (Caparezza) who comes to Earth and is astonished by humanity's intolerance of different races and cultures.
  • Furthermore, this album contains some songs in which Keith Emerson sings lead vocals: he shares the singing with Lee Jackson in "Daddy, Where Did I Come From", sings all lead vocals on "Happy Freuds" and sings the bridge in "Little Arabella".

  • MacDonald was frequently made the butt of jokes in the show and when she came on the tune "Folks Are Dumb Where I Come From" would often be played (a reference to MacDonald coming from Queensland).
  • The first three songs, "One White Whale," "The Island Where I Come From," and "Pieces and Parts," were taken from her show "Songs and Stories from Moby Dick".
  • I've gone through bad situations. I come from a divorced home.
  • Ruggiero is openly gay, having come out in January 2008 saying "I come from a traditional Italian family but they aren't so traditional that me being gay was a deal breaker."
  • He states: "I come from a continent in which more than 60% of the population lives in a state of poverty, and 82% of those find themselves in extreme poverty."

  • While best known for writing the Christmas song "Little Donkey", Boswell's local ballads like "I've Got A Little Whippet", "Sweet Waters Of Tyne" and "Tyneside's Where I Come From" often featured on Tyne Tees and at Newcastle City Hall "Geordierama" concerts and The Little Waster Bobby Thompson and various others made recordings.
  • His next album "Where I Come From" was released in November 2013 and features a new protest song called "Arthur's Day".
  • He has said that "I come from a pretty strong spiritual center, but it doesn't change the way I judge people.
  • ... 380 on ones that act shady"), and went on to warn "You might catch a beatdown out where I come from" in his recounting of the incident.
  • Guthrie had some success in New York at this time as a guest on CBS's radio program "Back Where I Come From" and used his influence to get a spot on the show for his friend Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter.

  • I.) come from the Italo-Albanian communities, located in the only abbey and abbey church in Grottaferrata (RM).
  • He also performed in nightclubs with Josh White, becoming a fixture in New York City's surging folk music scene and befriending the likes of Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger, all fellow performers on "Back Where I Come From".
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