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SYNO Hawkeye State | IA | Iowa
Iowa <IA> [Hawkeye State]
Iowa {n} [US-Bundesstaat]
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inter-American {adj} <IA> [also: Inter-American]interamerikanisch [auch: inter-amerikanisch]
industrial archaeology <IA>
Industriearchäologie {f}
industrial archeology [Am.] <IA>
Industriearchäologie {f}
information architect <IA>
Informationsarchitekt {m} <IA>
information architect <IA> [female]
Informationsarchitektin {f} <IA>
information architecture <IA>
Informationsarchitektur {f} <IA>
integrative agnosia <IA>
integrative Agnosie {f}
Intel® architecture <IA>
Intelarchitektur {f} <IA> [Intel®]
interinstitutional agreement <IA>interinstitutionelle Vereinbarung {f}
internal affairs <IA>innere Angelegenheiten {pl}
internal audit <IA>
internes Audit {n} <IA>
internal audit <IA>
interne Prüfung {f} [Revision]
internal auditor <IA>
Revisor {m}
interrater agreement <IRA, IA>
Urteilerübereinstimmung {f}
intestinal atresia <IA>
intestinale Atresie {f}
intraarterial infusion <i.a. infusion, IA infusion> [also: intra-arterial infusion]
intraarterielle Infusion {f} <i.a.-Infusion>
Iron Age <IA>
Eisenzeit {f} <EZ>
3 Wörter
inter-rater agreement <IRA, IA>
Urteilerübereinstimmung {f}
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  • Induktionsanfang {m} <IA> = initial step
  • Induktionsanfang {m} <IA> = induction basis
  • Induktionsannahme {f} <IA> = induction hypothesis
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  • Pottery sherds from the IA I, IA II, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Crusader/Ayyubid eras have been found here.
  • It is suggested that IA-2 and not the IA-2b is the primary PTP-like autoantigen in Type 1 Diabetes.
  • HDAC9 and BCL2L11 are upregulated while miR-92a was downregulated in clinical samples and rat models of intracranial aneurysm (IA).
  • Ólafur started his career at IA Akranes before moving abroad to play in the Norwegian League.
  • Intelligent ISO sensitivity control is changed to hardware processing. By incorporating the ia(Intelligent Auto) function, the name is also set to Random ia.

  • The ablative case is formed by adding the suffix "-ia". For example, "kanusa" 'Santiago River' gets the suffix "-ia" to create "kanúsia" 'from the Santiago River'.
  • The Hatf IA and Hatf IB are upgraded versions with improved range and accuracy.
  • IA Clarington Investments Inc. is an investment management firm catering to the Canadian retail market.
  • Anau IA also has similarities to Tepe Sialk I and II layers. Ceramics similar to Anau IA are also found on the Iranian plateau, in northeastern Iran, and in southern Turkmenistan.
  • IA was a Japanese female vocal with opera-esque results released by 1st Place.

  • Lines 7 and 11, have the repetition, "King-Lord-mine" from Line 1 (LUGAL-EN-ia, "Šarri-Bēli-ia" for the Akkadian).
  • The IA Digest is a weekly news summary for IA professionals across the government, industry, and academia.
  • Ia Trok is a rural commune (...) of Ia Pa District, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam.
  • SN 2002cx is a peculiar type Ia supernova. It behaved differently from normal type Ia supernovae, and differently from several other previously observed peculiar type Ia supernovae including SN 1991T and SN 1991bg.
  • The genus name is the vocalisation of the acronym AMNH of the American Museum of Natural History and the suffix -ia (Aay-Em-En-Aytche-ia), as gratitude for funding Lieberman's research.

  • IA&A's Design Studio provides print and web design.
  • Through her father, she has two younger half-sisters, actresses Naian Gonzalez Norvind and Tessa Ía.
  • 2022 - Pastor Ehtsham of Pakistan officially became a Free Grace United Pastor and launched two FGU churches in Pakistan.
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