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impedance cardiography <ICG>
Impedanzkardiografie {f} <IKG>
impedance cardiography <ICG>
Impedanzkardiographie {f} <IKG>
indocyanine green <ICG>
Indocyaningrün {n} <ICG>
indocyanine green <ICG>
Indozyaningrün {n} <ICG>
3 Wörter
indocyanine green angiography <ICG angiography>
Indocyaningrün-Angiografie {f} <ICG-Angiografie>
indocyanine green angiography <ICG angiography>
Indocyaningrün-Angiographie {f} <ICG-Angiographie>
inferior cervical ganglion <ICG> [Ganglion cervicale inferioris]
unteres Halsganglion {n}
inversive congruential generator <ICG>
inverser Kongruenzgenerator {m} <IKG>
superior cervical ganglion <ICG> [Ganglion cervicale superius]
oberes Halsganglion {n}
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  • Indocyaningrün {n} <ICG> = indocyanine green <ICG>
  • Indozyaningrün {n} <ICG> = indocyanine green <ICG>
  • Indocyaningrün-Angiografie {f} <ICG-Angiografie> = indocyanine green angiography <ICG angiography>
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  • ICG has diversified its business away from its origins in private debt and equity, buying the real estate business Longbow in 2014 and acquiring the Graphite Enterprise Trust, which is now known as the ICG Enterprise Trust, in 2015.
  • She was one of the first hires (as a part-time consultant) for ICG, a firm that assists businesses in obtaining and defending performance under government contracts.
  • He joined the International Composers' Guild (ICG which had been founded by Edgard Varèse and Carlos Salzedo in 1921. ...
  • In late November of early December 2005, ICG acquired Anker West Virginia Mining Company Inc who had been the official mine operator of Sago Mine.
  • In 1994, the International Costumers' Guild (ICG) presented a special award to Ackerman recognizing him as the "Father of Convention Costuming" at Conadian, the 52nd Worldcon.

  • The company is a division of the Irish Continental Group (ICG) which trades on the Irish Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.
  • Kramer served on the Council of the International Composers' Guild (ICG).
  • Indian Coast Guards(ICG) deployed ICG Shaurya, ICG Sarang, ICG Samudra 'Pahredar' and ICG Dornier rescued 22 of 23 crew and confirmed no oil spill.
  • The Director General of the Indian Coast Guard (DG ICG) is the head of the Indian Coast Guard.
  • Belgium created an Interdepartmental Coordination Group (ICG) composed of officials from different public services and the federal Institute for the Equality of Women and Men.

  • The first such assessment tool was the "Inventory of Complicated Grief (ICG)" in 1995.
  • The FP10 designation, like that of the GP10 (also an ICG product) was conceived by ICG and was never sanctioned by EMD, though railroads and rail enthusiasts alike agree on the moniker.
  • Fox co-founded the Internet Capital Group (ICG) in 1995 and ICG Asia, a Hong Kong-listed company later sold to Hutchison Whampoa.
  • That works particularly well on cancer tumors, because tumors naturally absorb more ICG than other tissue.
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