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Iapyges [Iapygians]
Japyger {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Iapyges' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Iapyges [Iapygians]
Japyger {pl}ethn.hist.
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  • According to Pliny the Elder, the Aletines descended instead from the Iapyges, who descended by the Oscans.
  • The first humans to settle in the area were tribes of Eastern European origin, mainly from Greece and the Balkans (Iapyges), which populated the surrounding areas since the 5th century BC.
  • Human settlements were present in the area since the Bronze Age (3rd–2nd millennium BC), and it was later probably settled by Sicels, Messapii and Iapyges.
  • In the 11th century BC it was invaded by the Iapyges, while the Messapic (another Iapyyg tribe) era of the town (as well as for the whole Salento) began in the 8th century BC, to end in the 3rd century BC, with the Roman conquest.
  • "Apuli" has clear resemblance to Apulia, the ancient southeastern Italy region, which is believed to have been settled by Illyrian tribes (also named "Apuli" or Iapyges).

  • The most credited theory is that they came from Illyria as one of the Illyrian tribes who settled in Apulia and that they emerged as a sub-tribe distinct from the rest of the Iapyges.
  • were one of the main centers of the Dauni, a northern branch of the Iapyges, during the Neolithic (6th to 4th millennia BC).
  • The Iapygians or Apulians ([...]; [...] , "Ĭāpyges"; [...] , Umbrian "Iabuscer") were an Indo-European-speaking people, dwelling in an eponymous region of the southeastern Italian Peninsula named Iapygia (modern Apulia) between the beginning of the first millennium BC and the first century BC. They were divided into three tribal groups: the Daunians, Peucetians and Messapians. After their lands were gradually colonized by the Romans from the late 4th century onward and eventually annexed to the Roman Republic by the early 1st century BC, Iapygians were fully Latinized and assimilated into Roman culture.
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