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It was resolved that ...Es wurde beschlossen, dass ...
Was that it?War es das?
Was that it?War's das? [ugs.]
It was found that ...Es zeigte sich, dass ...
It was decided that ...Es wurde beschlossen, dass ...
It was understood that ...Es wurde allgemein angenommen, dass ...
It was whispered that ...Es wurde gemunkelt, dass ... [ugs.]
It was sufficient that ...Es genügte, dass ...
It was stipulated that ...Es war vereinbart, dass ...
It was then that ...Genau in dem Moment ...
It was inevitable that ...Es konnte nicht ausbleiben, dass ...
It was only then that ...Erst da ...
and that was about it
und das war es auch schon
And thus it was that ...Und so geschah es, dass ...
That's how it was.So ist es gewesen.
It was first said that ...Erst hieß es, dass ...
It was put about that ...
Man munkelte, dass ...
That was it for today.
Das war's für heute.
Was that it? [coll.] [also iron.]War das (schon) alles? [auch iron.]
It was that that I saw.Das war es, was ich gesehen habe.
It was put about that ... [coll.]Es hieß, dass ...
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  • On 30 August 1895, one of their enterprising leaders, George Langley, convened a meeting at Her Majesty's Hotel at which it was resolved that all present form themselves into a club, to be called City Tattersalls Club.
  • As it was resolved that uniformity in the Acts of all the States is necessary and hence it was planned that this would be feasible only by a Central Legislation.
  • On 26 January 1929, a Teochew general meeting was held in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. It was resolved that a properties management committee, called the Teochew (Eight Districts) Public Property Preservation Association, be organised by the Teochew clansmen from the eight districts.
  • On 1 August 1999 it was resolved that the 157th Air Refueling Group, New Hampshire ANG would remain at Pease, and the facility would be redeveloped as a civilian airport, among other planned uses by the community.
  • A meeting was held on 19 April 1889, and it was resolved that a committee be formed to collect funds and arrange the building of a new church.

  • The bishop presided at a meeting of the Catholics of Monaghan where it was resolved that a church in the town was urgently needed.
  • During the 1946 season, The Myrtleford Football Club reformed once again and it was resolved that the Wanderers would arrange a meeting with the newly reformed club with a view of amalgamating the two clubs for the next season.
  • A meeting of the Tramways Emergency Sub-Committee was held on Wednesday 12 May, at which it was reported that the General Strike had been called off. It was resolved that all employees who had been on strike should apply for reengagement, giving an undertaking not to withdraw their services except after giving proper notice.
  • At the 1998 IRSP Ard Fheis, it was resolved that the IRSCNA would be recognized as a component section of the IRSM and its members would be accorded the full rights of members of the IRSP, including participation in closed sessions of an Ard Fheis and voting rights at an Ard Fheis.
  • Following a debate in the English House of Commons, it was resolved that Molyneux's publication was 'of dangerous consequence to the crown and people of England by denying the authority of the king and parliament of England to bind the kingdom and people of Ireland'.

  • In the 40th Synod of the Diocese held in December 1991, it was resolved that steps were to be taken to expand the Diocese into a province and eventually in 1998, the Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui was established.
  • The Norwood Football Club was formed at a meeting held at the Norfolk Arms Hotel in Rundle Street, Adelaide on 28 February 1878: it was resolved that the club colours would be those of the old Woodville Club.
  • During the 14th meeting in El Salvador, it was resolved that the Foro should organize a number of subordinate organizations and facilities: an electronic bulletin on the Net, a politic-cultural festival, an electoral observatory and a cadre school.
  • In 1880, a number of public meetings were held, and in November 1880 it was resolved that the name Ammanford (i.e. ...
  • In June 2022, at a meeting in Erigavo city, which is effectively controlled by Somaliland, it was resolved that the Warsangali community is fully part of the Somaliland community and that the Somaliland government will elevate the Dhahar district to a region.

  • In July 1969 at a meeting in Newham, it was resolved that the Newham Fire Brigade become a separate entity under the auspices of the Country Fire Authority.
  • On 29 January, it was resolved that England was a Protestant kingdom and only a Protestant could be king, thus disinheriting a Catholic claimant. James was a Roman Catholic.
  • At a meeting of the board on 28 July 1869, it was resolved that a design for a new coat of arms be adopted and that the Latin phrase "Audacter et Sincere" (Boldly and Frankly) be adopted as Castleford's motto.
  • Following a statement from Google clarifying its position and a subsequent negotiation between Google and Cyanogen, it was resolved that the CyanogenMod project would continue, in a form that did not directly bundle in the proprietary "Google Experience" components.
  • At the conference held in Derby, 1818, over which Hindmarsh presided, it was resolved that he had been ‘virtually ordained by the divine auspices.’ Hindmarsh preached at Salford till 1824.

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