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Iznik tiles
Iznik-Fliesen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Iznik' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Iznik tiles
Iznik-Fliesen {pl}art
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  • Iznik pottery, or Iznik ware, named after the town of İznik in western Anatolia where it was made, is a decorated ceramic that was produced from the last quarter of the 15th century until the end of the 17th century.
  • Iznik's main period of importance came in the 16th century with the development a pottery and tile making industry.
  • The stone needed during the construction of this mosque and complex was obtained from places close to Istanbul such as Iznik and Gallipoli, wooden Sapanca and Iznik.
  • After Musa’s defeat by Ottoman sultan Mehmed I in 1413, Bedreddin was exiled to Iznik, and his followers were dispossessed of their timars.
  • Nilüfer's foundations was later used as an imaret, or refectory, serving free food to the poor of Iznik.

  • Haji Özbek Mosque (...) is a historical Ottoman mosque in Iznik, Turkey.
  • He was buried at Iznik.
  • The route of the 130k İznik Ultramarathon, established in 2012, passes through villages in Orhangazi district around Lake İznik. An 80k part of it, the Orhangazi Ultra, ends in Örnekköy in Orhangazi district on the route's westernmost point.
  • Its site is located east of İznik in Asiatic Turkey.
  • Green Mosque (...) is a historic Ottoman mosque in İznik, Turkey.

  • Hagia Sophia ([...] 'the Holy Wisdom'; [...]; [...]) in İznik (Nicaea) in Bursa Province, Turkey, was built as a Byzantine-era basilican church. It is in the town centre of İznik, within the old walled area.
  • Boyalıca is in İznik (ancient Nicaea) district of Bursa Province. Situated at [...] , it is on the northern coast of Lake İznik. İznik is also situated on the coast of the same lake, [...] east of Boyalıca. The distance to Bursa is [...]. The population of Boyalıca was 2407 as of 2012.
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