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J-shaped {adj}j-förmig [auch: J-förmig]
J-shaped bladeSäbelmesser {n} [einer Bodenfräse]
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  • Birds are typically observed to fly in V-shaped formations or J-shaped formations, the latter commonly known as echelon.
  • Modern field hockey sticks are constructed of a composite of wood, glass fibre or carbon fibre (sometimes both) and are J-shaped, with a curved hook at the playing end, a flat surface on the playing side and a curved surface on the rear side.
  • The display flights can take the form of long J-shaped "dives", or "shuttles" where he flies on a shorter, more nearly horizontal plane or arc.
  • Descents from heights consist of repeated J-shaped swoops with the wings nearly closed.
  • The shape of a distribution may be considered either descriptively, using terms such as "J-shaped", or numerically, using quantitative measures such as skewness and kurtosis.
  • SR 190 is a J-shaped route that connects the central part of Chesapeake with the western part of Virginia Beach.
  • The stick has a rounded handle, has a J-shaped hook at the bottom, and is flattened on the left side (when looking down the handle with the hook facing upwards).
  • The interior path is J-shaped and goes south from the marina entrance and then turns east onto a peninsula.
  • The other is the barometer, consisting of a J-shaped tube open at the lower end and closed at the top, with small reservoirs at both ends of the tube.
  • A J curve is any of a variety of J-shaped diagrams where a curve initially falls, then steeply rises above the starting point.
  • All of Grey Bulger's vents are located in or around the "top" of the J-shaped pool.
  • A wide variety of birds fly together in a symmetric V-shaped or a J-shaped coordinated formation, also referred to as an "echelon", especially during long-distance flight or migration.
  • The other is the barometer, consisting of a J-shaped tube open at the lower end and closed at the top, with small reservoirs at both ends of the tube.
  • Digestion can take a long time. The food moves from the mouth to a J-shaped stomach, where it is stored and initial digestion occurs.
  • It is one of the southern cape coast's typical "J-shaped" bays, which is formed by wave action eroding the shales of the Bokkeveld Group between the weather-resistant headlands composed of the Table Mountain Group, both of the Cape Supergroup geological sequence of rocks.
  • The Jellyfish Foiler lower hydrofoil has two J-shaped foils and one center T-foil rudder and is pulled by the upper air kite; the system is a closely coupled double-kite system (lower is water kite, upper is an air kite) resulting in a system that will fly through the air and water in an effort to break the 50-knot speed sailing record.
  • The category "J" is called the index category or the scheme of the diagram "D"; the functor is sometimes called a "J"-shaped diagram.
  • The Lingulata have tongue-shaped shells (hence the name Lingulata, from the Latin word for "tongue") with a long fleshy stalk, or pedicle, with which the animal burrows into sandy or muddy sediments.
  • They come in at least four basic shapes: J-shaped; L-shaped; Flexible-hose; Contour.
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