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Johns Hopkins University <JHU>
Johns-Hopkins-Universität {f}
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Übersetzung für 'JHU' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Johns Hopkins University <JHU>
Johns-Hopkins-Universität {f}acad.
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  • JHU Press publishes 90 scholarly journals and more than 200 new books each year.
  • The UNFGG had originally been established by the renaming of the JHU after it left the UPFA.
  • Upon completing her fellowship, Brahmer joined the faculty at Johns Hopkins (JHU) in 2001.
  • She left JHU to attend the University of Maryland for her Masters of Science in Nursing in 1998 before returning to JHU for her PhD.
  • Following his PhD, Brookmeyer joined the faculty at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU).

  • Feng, Jin. New Woman in Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2004. muse.jhu.edu/book/10833.
  • After leaving office, she returned to her alma mater and accepted an assistant professor position at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU).
  • Clauser (1913–2013) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).
  • In 2003, Mao became a faculty member of Whiting School of Engineering at JHU.
  • In January 2020, Riehl received the JHU President's Frontier Award, a $250,000 award that "supports individuals at Johns Hopkins who are breaking new ground and poised to become leaders in their field".

  • In 2010 Durkin started all 15 games on close defense, making him the only freshman to start every game and the first JHU freshman to start a season-opener on close defense since Matt Drenan in 2006.
  • The UNFGG had originally been established by the renaming of the JHU after it left the UPFA.
  • He initially joined the Johns Hopkins University Physics Department in 1968 as the first JHU astronomer since 1908.
  • A study was undertaken to evaluate the social impact of this drama on contract to Johns Hopkins University/Population Communication Services (JHU/PCS) by Aftab Associates (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan.
  • In 2005, David became the vice dean for centers and programs at JHU, providing oversight for ten centers and programs, and in 2007 he became the director of Jewish studies at JHU.

  • Rathana was a founding member of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) in February 2004, a Sinhala Buddhist nationalist party in Sri Lanka where he became the National Organizer of that party.
  • Dr. Benjamin Ginsberg, the JHU David Bernstein Professor and Director of the JHU Washington Center for the Study of American Government, was the project’s founding academic adviser.
  • Callas Chair Professor in the Department of Civil & Systems Engineering and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).
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