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NOUN   Jarvis Island | -
Jarvis Island
Jarvisinsel {f}
cytosine-phosphate-guanine island <CpG island>
Cytosin-Phosphat-Guanin-Insel {f} <CpG-Insel>
islandInsel {f}
islandEiland {n} [geh.]
island bakery
Inselbäckerei {f}
island endemism
Inselendemismus {m}
island ecology
Inselökologie {f}
island republicInselrepublik {f}
Kodiak Island
Kodiak-Insel {f}
Heald Island
Heald-Insel {f}
island endemic {adj}
Semyonovsky Island
Semjonowski-Insel {f}
Semyonovsky Island
Semjonow-Insel {f}
island advertisement
Inselanzeige {f}
Belkovsky Island
Belkowski-Insel {f}
island operation
Inselbetrieb {m}
Paulet Island
Paulet-Insel {f}
Znamenskiy Island
Snamenski-Insel {f}
Hawaiian island
Hawaii-Insel {f}
Clipperton Island
Clipperton-Insel {f}
Hebridean island
Hebrideninsel {f}
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  • The history of Jarvis Island begins with the island's first known sighting by Europeans was on 21 August 1821 by the British ship "Eliza Francis" (or "Eliza Frances") owned by Edward, Thomas and William Jarvis and commanded by Captain Brown.
  • The United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands is an obsolete term used to collectively describe Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, and Palmyra Atoll, all of them territories in the Pacific Ocean controlled by the United States by way of the Guano Islands Act.
  • It may also be used to refer to the manager of remote scientific stations such as those in the Antarctic and Jarvis Island, an uninhabited minor U.S.
  • Several political entities associated with Oceania are still uninhabited, including Baker Island, Clipperton Island, Howland Island and Jarvis Island.
  • A large-scale systematic study of the Jarvis Island coral community, which experienced ten El Niño-coincident coral bleaching events from 1960 to 2016, found that the reef recovered from almost complete death after severe events.

  • The United States has signed but not ratified Protocol I to the Treaty of Rarotonga which would apply to American Samoa and Jarvis Island.
  • The first insular areas that the United States occupied were Baker Island, Howland Island and Navassa Island (1857) then Johnston Atoll and Jarvis Island (both in 1858) would be claimed.
  • It is the second-to-northernmost of the Line Islands, and one of three American islands in the archipelago, along with Jarvis Island and Kingman Reef.
  • Nielson, was carrying a cargo of coal from Newcastle, New South Wales to San Francisco when she wrecked on the southeastern shore of Jarvis Island.
  • He took a load of guano (bird excrement used as fertilizer) from Jarvis Island to New York City, which served as the couple's honeymoon voyage.

  • He graduated from Punahou School 1850–1860, and worked for Samuel Gardner Wilder loading a shipload of guano from Jarvis Island.
  • Kiribati, as traced by the 1995 realignment of the International Date Line, arcs around Howland and Baker Islands as well as the US Possession Jarvis Island, from the west to the south and to the east.
  • Jarvis Island ([...]; formerly known as Bunker Island or Bunker's Shoal) is an uninhabited [...] coral island located in the South Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and the Cook Islands.
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