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NOUN   a jugulum | jugula
jugulum [Fossa jugularis]
Drosselgrube {f}
jugulum [Fossa jugularis sterni, Incisura jugularis sternalis]
Jugulum {n}
Carpe Jugulum [Terry Pratchett]
Ruhig Blut
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  • Jugulum {n} = jugulum [Fossa jugularis sterni, Incisura jugularis sternalis]
  • Jugulum {n} = suprasternal notch [Fossa jugularis sterni, Incisura jugularis sternalis]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • However, According to Mesnage, it would not be the name of a bishop but of the adjective "honoratum jugulum" that is present in the text on which Morcelli leans.
  • "January Magazine" found it to be "richer than (...) "Carpe Jugulum" and "satisfyingly similar to (...) "Jingo", and noted its "violent and disturbing denouement".
  • ... the Crone) due to Granny's temporary retirement, and Agnes and Count de Magpyr saying or hearing it in their heads while under the influence of fragments of her mind, as well as Granny saying it while unconscious at exactly the same moment as the count doing so, in "Carpe Jugulum".
  • Alison is later mentioned in "Carpe Jugulum", in which the rumours that she has "gone to the bad" and "hobnobed with vampires" were proven to be unfounded.
  • Pratchett, who was then researching his novel "Carpe Jugulum", was asking everyone in the queue how many "magpie" rhymes they knew; and while most people gave one answer – the theme from the TV series "Magpie" – Simpson was able to supply considerably more.

  • In Carpe Jugulum, their speech is almost undecipherable and has to be translated by Nanny Ogg; however, by the time they meet Tiffany Aching, they are somewhat more understandable to "bigjobs".
  • "Carpe Jugulum" ([...]; Latatian for "seize the throat", cf. ...
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