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Jugurthine War
Jugurthinischer Krieg {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Jugurthine' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Jugurthine War
Jugurthinischer Krieg {m}hist.
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  • This minor planet was named after Jugurtha (160–104 BC), a king of Numidia in North Africa, opposed to and defeated by Rome in the Jugurthine War (112–106 BC).
  • Sallust mentions in his work on the Jugurthine War that the Africans believe Heracles to have died in Spain where, his multicultural army being left without a leader, the Medes, Persians, and Armenians who were once under his command split off and populated the Mediterranean coast of Africa.
  • The Cimbrian threat, along with the Jugurthine War, inspired the landmark Marian reforms of the Roman legions.
  • Victor of the Cimbric and Jugurthine wars, he held the office of consul an unprecedented seven times.
  • He was father-in-law to the Numidian king Jugurtha, with whom he initially allied against the Romans in the Jugurthine War, a lengthy and indecisive conflict.

  • Roman records of the Gaetuli first emerge during the Jugurthine War when the group of tribes served as an auxiliary force in Jugurtha’s army against the Romans.
  • According to Sallust, who relates the details of the Jugurthine War between Jugurtha and Quintus Caecilius Metellus Numidicus to possess Béja, Béja was the wealthiest warehouse of the kingdom and the center of intense commerce.
  • Members of this gens first came to prominence during the second century BC, with the dramatist Sextus Turpilius, and Titus Turpilius Silanus, one of the Roman commanders during the Jugurthine War.
  • The siege of the fortress at Muluccha, part of the Jugurthine War, was an investment of a Jugurthine fortress by a Roman army in 106 BC.
  • The Second Battle of Cirta, part of the Jugurthine War, was fought in 106 BC between a Numidian-Mauretanian coalition and a Roman army near the Numidian capital of Cirta.

  • Sulla joined the theatre and found many friends there, prior to becoming a general in the Jugurthine war.
  • Sallustius and Plutarch say that during the Jugurthine War (from 112 to 105 BC) and the Cimbrian War (from 104 to 101 BC) the Ligurians served as auxiliary troops in the Roman army.
  • "Bellum Catilinae" was probably written during the last half of the 1st century BC. After writing it, Sallust went on to author [...] , a historical account of the Jugurthine War.
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