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NOUN   a junior debt | junior debts
junior debts
Junior Debts {pl}
juniorSohnemann {m} [ugs. für: Sohn]
junior {adj}nachgeordnet
junior {adj}Nachwuchs-
juniorJunior {m}
junior {adj}jünger
junior {adj}untergeordnet
junior {adj}nachrangig
junior debtnachrangige Forderung {f}
junior lawyer
Gerichtsreferendar {m} [veraltet]
junior mortgagenachrangige Hypothek {f}
junior bondnachrangige Obligation {f}
junior positionnachrangige Stelle {f}
junior marketnachrangiger Markt {m}
junior professorship
Juniorprofessur {f}
office juniorjüngerer Mitarbeiter {m} im Büro
junior mortgagenachstellige Hypothek {f}
junior lawyer
Referendar {m} [Rechtsreferendar]
junior champion
Juniorenmeister {m}
junior professor
Juniorprofessor {m}
junior programmer
Nachwuchsprogrammierer {m}
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  • Junior Debts {pl} = junior debts
  • Senior Debts {pl} = senior debts
  • Junior {m} = junior
  • Frankenstein Junior = Young Frankenstein [Mel Brooks]
  • Junior-Gesellschafter {m} = junior partner
  • Junior-Partner {m} = junior partner
  • Arizona Junior = Raising Arizona [Joel Coen]
  • Junior Bonner = Junior Bonner [Sam Peckinpah]
  • Buzz! Junior Monsterspaß = Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble
  • junior <jr., jun.> = junior <Jun., jun., Jnr, Jr>
  • Buzz! Junior Monsterspaß = Buzz! Junior: Monster Rally [in North America]
  • Junior-Offizier {m} [bes. als Lehnübersetzung] = junior officer
  • Chaos! Schwiegersohn Junior im Gerichtssaal = Jury Duty [John Fortenberry]
  • Chaos-Junior – Ein Trottel im Gerichtssaal = Jury Duty [John Fortenberry]
  • Junior Accountant {m} [Sachbearbeiter in der Buchhaltung] = junior accountant
  • Junior College {n} [College, an dem man die ersten zwei Jahre eines 4-jährigen Studiums absolviert] = junior college [Am.] <juco>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In finance, subordinated debt (also known as subordinated loan, subordinated bond, subordinated debenture or junior debt) is debt which ranks after other debts if a company falls into liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • In 1995, with the Chiefs continuing to have financial difficulties, a community-led group bought the team with the goal of paying off its $150,000 in debts and restoring junior A hockey to prominence in the Peace Country.
  • This means that the preference is senior to holders of common shares (and possibly other series of preferred stock), but junior to a company's debts and secured obligations.
  • In 1814 he was Junior Merchant and Commissary for the Recovery of Small Debts.
  • Those attaching afterward are said to be junior or subordinate.

  • Novokuznetsk will continue to operate their junior club program and also participate in the secondary tier of the VHL.
  • Japan merges local governments to expand residential area per municipal government, create different school attendance boundaries for elementary school and junior high school students, and to allow more widespread use of public facilities.
  • After thrice-winning the Dorset Junior Cup, they helped found the Dorset League.
  • Bobby operated Junior Soprano's loan shark business in his stead and acted as Junior's assistant while Junior was under house arrest on federal racketeering charges.
  • The main character Saša Gordić (Vuk Kostić) is a talented shooter who followed the footsteps of his older brother Igor Gordić (Srđan Todorović), a 1991 Junior European shooting gold medallist.

  • In 1935, with the Nazis in power, Sullivan & Cromwell's junior partners forced Dulles to cut all business ties with Germany.
  • Collins coerces Junior to act as a lookout for a stagecoach robbery where a deputy sheriff is killed; the only one caught is Clay Junior.
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