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NOUN   a juxtaposition | juxtapositions
SYNO apposition | collocation | juxtaposition
juxtapositionGegenüberstellung {f}
juxtapositionNebeneinander {n}
juxtapositionNebeneinanderstellung {f}
Reihung {f}
juxtapositionNebeneinanderliegen {n}
juxtapositionJuxtaposition {f}
contrasting juxtapositionvergleichende Gegenüberstellung {f}
in juxtaposition (with each other) {adv}(direkt) nebeneinander
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In a few countries, bicameralism involves the juxtaposition of democratic and aristocratic elements.
  • Placing the same objects at different instances in time in juxtaposition but on different spatial levels the viewer is enabled to make an unusual visual experience.
  • The images juxtaposition show both of these stages in a successful scenario.
  • until it was dropped in favor of juxtaposition (no infix notation).
  • Inspector Adamsberg must lead an investigation that takes him through a juxtaposition of 15th-century Europe and modern-day France...or "does" he?

  • Compartments can be simply defined as separate, different, adjacent cell populations, which upon juxtaposition, create a lineage boundary.
  • The parallel composition of 2-cells corresponds to the horizontal juxtaposition of diagrams and the sequential composition to the vertical juxtaposition of diagrams.
  • Granite sheets and juxtaposition with the Yilgarn craton.
  • The prime goal of director George Cukor was to emphasize the juxtaposition between sacrifice and family life in "Little Women".
  • In this context, sets of strings are often referred to as formal languages. The concatenation operator is usually expressed as simple juxtaposition (as with multiplication).

  • Thirdly, Lavier creates sculpture-objects by the juxtaposition of everyday objects such as a set of pétanque boules on top of a loudspeaker, the sculpture being named “Intégrales / Triangle” (1989) by the brand names respectively of the pétanque game balls and of the loudspeaker used in the artwork.
  • The combination of barn, stables and coach house possible early use as an inn is an interesting juxtaposition of functions.
  • His video essays are formed through the juxtaposition of images, conveying thoughts through a particular arrangement of clips.
  • The school is financially independent of and separately incorporated from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, despite their juxtaposition.
  • The ridiculous can use uses both physical and conceptual inferiority and incongruity of juxtaposition to create parody and satire.

  • Curiously, in terms of the juxtaposition, he was architect of the Martyrs' Monument just a few yards north of his grave.
  • "Friend of the World" was filmed at Sunset Cliffs, resembling a juxtaposition to a modern era.
  • The notation for function application is simply juxtaposition, as in [...].
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