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NOUN   a Kähler form | Kähler forms
Kähler form
Kähler-Form {f}
Kähler potential
Kählerpotential {n}
Kähler manifold
Kählermannigfaltigkeit {f} [auch: Kähler-Mannigfaltigkeit]
Kähler structure
Kähler-Struktur {f}
Kähler metric
Kählermetrik {f}
beta normal form <β-normal form>
Beta-Normalform {f} <β-Normalform>
to formsich formen
formZustandsform {f}
formGestalt {f}
formDrucksorte {f} [Formular] [österr.]
to formformen
to formsich entwickeln
to formaufstellen [z. B. Truppen]
formGestaltung {f}
to formaufbauen
formForm {f} [Gestaltung, Kondition]
to formausbilden
to form
formieren [Truppen]
formGebilde {n}
Eingabemaske {f}
Fassung {f} [sprachliche Form]
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  • Kähler-Form {f} = Kähler form
  • Kähler-Struktur {f} = Kähler structure
  • exoerythrozytäre Form {f} <EE-Form> = exoerythrocytic form
  • Form {f} = cast [container, shape, appearance]
  • Form {f} = conformation [shape, arrangement]
  • Killing-Form {f} = Killing form
  • tiefliegende Form {f} = incised figure
  • klassische Form {f} = classic shape
  • Form-Begriff {m} = concept of form
  • zyklische Form {f} = cyclic form
  • generische Form {f} = generic form
  • äußere Form {f} = superficies
  • musikalische Form {f} = musical form
  • gewölbte Form {f} = arched form
  • verständliche Form {f} = intelligible form
  • hergebrachte Form {f} = conventionalism
  • automorphe Form {f} = automorphic form
  • häufigste Form {f} = most frequent form
  • gebogene Form {f} = arcuate form
  • verdichtete Form {f} = condensed form
  • offene Form {f} = open form
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • is related to a pure spinor which is just a number by an imaginary shift of the B-field, which is a shift of the Kähler form.
  • The hard Lefschetz theorem in fact holds for any compact Kähler manifold, with the isomorphism in de Rham cohomology given by multiplication by a power of the class of the Kähler form.
  • Amplitudes for the scattering of these strings depend only on the Kähler form of the spacetime, and not on the complex structure.
  • Kunihiko Kodaira's result is that for a compact Kähler manifold "M", with a Hodge metric, meaning that the cohomology class in degree 2 defined by the Kähler form ω is an "integral" cohomology class, there is a complex-analytic embedding of "M" into complex projective space of some high enough dimension "N".
  • this is equivalent to saying that it is a negative line bundle, meaning that minus its Chern class is the de Rham class of the standard Kähler form.

  • The moduli space must not only be Kähler, but also the Kähler form must lift to integral cohomology.
  • These are hermitian metrics for which the penultimate power of the associated Kähler form is closed, i.e.
  • In mathematics, and in particular gauge theory and complex geometry, a Hermitian Yang–Mills connection (or Hermite-Einstein connection) is a Chern connection associated to an inner product on a holomorphic vector bundle over a Kähler manifold that satisfies an analogue of Einstein's equations: namely, the contraction of the curvature 2-form of the connection with the Kähler form is required to be a constant times the identity transformation.
  • Given a Killing vector field for which the corresponding one-parameter group of isometries acts by holomorphic mappings, Frankel used the Cartan formula to show that the interior product of the vector field with the Kähler form is closed.
  • Whilst it is not always possible to describe a Kähler form "globally" using a single Kähler potential, it is possible to describe the "difference" of two Kähler forms this way, provided they are in the same de Rham cohomology class.

  • Suppose that [...] is a complex compact manifold with a Kähler form [...].
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