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Kähler metric
Kählermetrik {f}
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Übersetzung für 'hler metric' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kähler metric
Kählermetrik {f}math.
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  • 4D SUSY theory the moduli space of the hypermultiplets, called the Higgs branch, has a hyper-Kähler metric and is not renormalized.
  • Because projective space carries a Kähler metric, the Fubini–Study metric, such a manifold is always a Kähler manifold.
  • admits a Kähler metric with vanishing Ricci curvature, and this may be taken as an equivalent definition of Calabi–Yau.
  • showed that a Moishezon manifold is a projective algebraic variety if and only if it admits a Kähler metric.
  • In mathematics, the Fubini–Study metric is a Kähler metric on projective Hilbert space, that is, on a complex projective space CP"n" endowed with a Hermitian form.
  • by multiplication by 2; this was the first example of a compact complex surface with no Kähler metric.
  • Teichmüller space also carries a complete Kähler metric of bounded sectional curvature introduced by [...] that is Kähler-hyperbolic.
  • Heinrich Guggenheimer was born in Nuremberg, Germany. He is the son of Marguerite Bloch and the Physicist Dr. . He studied in Zurich, Switzerland at the Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule, receiving his diploma in 1947 and a D.Sc. in 1951. His dissertation was titled "On complex analytic manifolds with Kahler metric". It was published in Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici:25:257–97 (in German).
  • As a mathematician Kähler is known for a number of contributions: the Cartan–Kähler theorem on solutions of non-linear analytic differential systems; the idea of a Kähler metric on complex manifolds; and the Kähler differentials, which provide a purely algebraic theory and have generally been adopted in algebraic geometry.
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