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K-hard {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'K hard' von Englisch nach Deutsch

K-hard {adj}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A preschool for the deaf and hard of hearing in Mysore, India, was originally named after Helen Keller by its founder, K. K. Srinivasan.
  • The initial sound in "Kim" shares features with both the English 'k' (in initial position, an aspirated voiceless velar stop) and "hard g" (an unaspirated voiced velar stop).
  • In higher degrees, K-theory diverges from Milnor K-theory and remains hard to compute in general.
  • K is held by West, South will find it very hard to prevent it from making a trick (unless West leads a club).
  • , but if only "R" and "P" are known, it is assumed to be hard to compute "k".
  • After the loss to Emelianenko, Cro Cop defeated Josh Barnett at PRIDE 30 by a unanimous decision, and then dropped a split decision loss to hard hitting K-1 veteran Mark Hunt at PRIDE Shockwave 2005.
  • If we were using different "k'm", "k'n", or evaluation points, the matrix and so our interpolation strategy would change; but it does not depend on the inputs and so can be hard-coded for any given set of parameters.
  • Inouye International Airport has 60 gates (54 jet-way gates and 6 hard stands) in three terminals.
  • 026 which makes its surface so hard to see that floats of Styrofoam are often used to show where the surface is.
  • In the case of patients where the heart is not pumping hard enough to provide what is needed for the body this approach allows for the temporary overcoming of this.
  • ... born April 27, 1951) is an American musician, best known as the original lead guitarist and co-founding member of the hard rock band Kiss.
  • Lake Drive School, a regional school for deaf and hard of hearing students from birth through high school, with students from nearly 100 communities in 12 New Jersey counties.
  • ... the Marshfield School Forest) and Birch Bluff and South Bluff in the Town of Remington are hard spots in this sandstone which have resisted erosion.
  • Dick (as he did for the bulk of American science fiction) and would later say that this was due to a limited familiarity with Dick's work, since Western literature was hard to come by in Communist Poland.
  • Van der Byl was a hard-line opponent of any form of compromise with domestic opposition or the international community since before UDI.
  • Some samplers and hard drive recorders can also pass MIDI data between each other over SCSI.
  • In general, this problem is very hard, and all the most useful results classify extensions that satisfy some additional condition.
  • ... Danni's Hard Drive) website in two weeks.
  • , a large indentation can be used, such as an 8-unit-wide hard tab, along with breaking up large functions into smaller and more readable functions.
  • The spectrum of this source extends to the hard part of the X-ray spectrum, to 0.5– [...].
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