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K-pop [Korean pop music]
K-Pop {m} [koreanische Popmusik]
knit [knit stitch] <k, K>
rechte Masche {f} <re M>
knit stitch <k, K>
rechte Masche {f} <re M>
panel of participants <PoP, EC-PoP >Arbeitsgruppe {f} <PoP, EC-PoP>
pay-off period <PoP, POP>
Amortisationszeit {f} [Amortisationsrechnung]
plaster of Paris <PoP, POP>
Gipsverband {m}
pay-off period <PoP, POP>
Amortisationsrechnung {f}
pop-pop cracker [fire cracker]Knallerbse {f} [Feuerwerkskörper]
payoff period <PoP, POP>
Kapitalrückflussdauer {f}
payoff period <PoP, POP>
Amortisationsrechnung {f}
sodium-potassium pump <Na-K pump, Na/K pump>
Na-K-Pumpe {f}
Kock pouch <k-pouch, K-pouch>
Kock-Pouch {m} <K-Pouch>
K-Selektionist {m}
K-Stratege {m}
vitamin K
Vitamin {n} K
K-Strategie {f}
K-Theorie {f}
K-hard {adj}
K meson
K-Meson {n}
K-valueK-Wert {m}
kelvin <K>
Kelvin {n} <K>
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  • K-Pop {m} [koreanische Popmusik] = K-pop [Korean pop music]
  • Arbeitsgruppe {f} <PoP, EC-PoP> = panel of participants <PoP, EC-PoP >
  • österreichische k.k. privilegierte Eisenbahnen {pl} [viele verschiedene Gesellschaften] = Austrian royal imperial chartered railways [many different companies]
  • O. k. / O. K., dann eben auf die harte Tour. = Ok. We do it the hard way.
  • Sind Sie okay / o. k. / O. K.? = You right? [Aus.] [fig.]
  • Bist du okay / o. k. / O. K.? = You right? [Aus.] [fig.]
  • Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie {f} <k. u. k.> = Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • ..., ja / okay / o. k. / O. K.? = ..., shall I?
  • Richtschütze {m} <K 1, K 2> = gunner
  • kaiserlich-königlich <k.k.> [Kaiser von Österreich und König von Böhmen, 1867-1918] = imperial-royal [Emperor of Austria and King of Bohemia, 1867-1918]
  • kaiserlich-königlich <k.k.> [Kaiser von Österreich und König von Ungarn, vor 1867] = imperial-royal [Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, prior to 1867]
  • K.-u.-k.-Monarchie {f} = Austro-Hungarian Monarchy [also: k.u.k. Monarchy]
  • kaiserlich und königlich <k. u. k.> [von: Kaiser von Österreich und König von Ungarn, 1867-1918] = imperial and royal
  • Pop {m} = pop
  • Pop- = pop
  • Pop-up {n} = pop-up
  • Pop-Ikonen {pl} = pop icons
  • Indie-Pop {m} = indie pop
  • Pop-Duo {n} = pop music duo
  • Pop-Art {f} = pop art
  • Bastard-Pop {m} = mashup
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  • Japan is a major importer of Korean music (K-pop), television (K-dramas), and other cultural products.
  • In March 2021, Topps released a sticker card depicting a Whac-A-Mole game with members of K-pop group BTS being severely beaten with a Grammy award.
  • In K-pop they are usually referred to as Mini albums.
  • The term B-side carries a more expansive definition in the K-pop industry, referring to all tracks on an album that are not marketed as title tracks.
  • Writing camps are also very popular in K-pop music industry.

  • Many K-pop girl groups wear "safety shorts", typically black cycling shorts, under miniskirts or denim cut-off shorts to prevent upskirting while retaining freedom of movement on stage.
  • The city also hosts the One Asia Festival, the largest K-pop festival in Korea beginning in 2016, positioning itself as the center of K-pop culture.
  • Ezaki Hikaru of the k-pop group Kep1er was born in Fukuoka.
  • K-Pop artist Park Junhee has a Chow Chow named Lion.
  • In 2017, Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind K-Pop group BTS, created a blog post on Naver that mentions Ashbless as a character.

  • Entertainment companies help to expand K-pop to other parts of the world through a number of different methods.
  • By the late 2010s, K-pop artists such as BTS and Blackpink, attained international stardom in teen pop culture.
  • K. pop group S Club Juniors on their "Together" CD.
  • After an eight-year hiatus on stage, Ha performed with her labelmates AA for their debut at the K-pop Super Concert in 2011.
  • Genres such as J-pop and K-pop remained popular throughout the decade, proliferating their cultural influence throughout the East and Southeast of Asia.

  • In 2007, a K-pop singer, Ivy, was accused of copying a scene from the Japanese video game movie adaptation "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" in one of her music videos.
  • The pose is gaining significant popularity in South Korea due to the common usage amongst K-pop idols [...] and young people – especially in selfies.
  • Their music, though often electronic pop, hip-hop and/or R&B in essence, is generally grouped under a genre called K-pop, which emerged during the 1990s and has since become increasingly and continuously popular as part of the Korean Wave.
  • However, Sejong Institutes in the United States have noted a sharp rise in the number of people of other ethnic backgrounds studying Korean between 2009 and 2011, which they attribute to rising popularity of South Korean music and television shows.
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