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K-Selektion {f}
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Übersetzung für 'K selection' von Englisch nach Deutsch

K-Selektion {f}biol.ecol.
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  • The book also popularized the concepts and terminology of r/K selection theory.
  • Graves, who has done extensive testing of the "r"/"K" selection theory with species of Drosophila flies.
  • Beach voles tend closer towards K selection than meadow voles, and some of their distinctive features are indicative of island gigantism.
  • Along with "Kunmingella douvillei" and "Chuandianella" from the Chengjiang biota (around 7 million years older than the Burgess Shale) which also had fossilized eggs preserved inside the carapace, they constitute the oldest direct evidence of brood care and of K-selection among animals.
  • Adaptive capacity is associated with r and K selection strategies in ecology and with a movement from explosive positive feedback to sustainable negative feedback loops in social systems and technologies.
  • Differential "K" theory is a debunked theory proposed by Rushton, which attempts to apply "r"/"K" selection theory to human races.
  • In evolutionary contexts, competition is related to the concept of r/K selection theory, which relates to the selection of traits which promote success in particular environments.
  • vulpinus" reproduces sexually and is an r-strategists according to r/K selection theory.
  • The selection pressures that determine the reproductive strategy, and therefore much of the life history, of an organism can be understood in terms of r/K selection theory.
  • The terminology of "r"/"K"-selection was coined by the ecologists Robert MacArthur and E.
  • Offsetting these advantages, larger organisms require more food and water, and shift from r to K-selection.
  • It is possible that females are more prone to psychological depression than males if they are subject to K-selection.
  • Another theory suggests that "R-Type" refers to Bydo as r-strategists in r/K selection theory.
  • The concept of R/K selection theory derives its name from the competing dynamics of exponential growth and carrying capacity introduced by the equations above.
  • In 1955, cooperating with Kurt Alder and Ben Roy Mottelson, Alaga discovered the K-selection rules and intensity rules for beta and gamma transitions in deformed atom nuclei.
  • Over in the corner, a life-sized blue whale head and an oversized sea turtle represent r/K selection theory.
  • In ecological terms, the reproductive pattern of the American kestrel leans towards a small bird "r" selection" strategy.
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