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NOUN   k-value | k-values
K-valueK-Wert {m}
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Übersetzung für 'K value' von Englisch nach Deutsch

K-Wert {m}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • For pipe insulation, the R-value varies not only with the insulation thickness and thermal conductivity ("k-value") but also with the pipe outer diameter and the average material temperature.
  • It has been found that the F number linearly correlates with the log k' value (logarithm of the retention factor) in aqueous reversed-phase liquid chromatography.
  • The first, "Westergaard", is based on the assumption that the pavement is an elastic plate supported on a heavy fluid base with a uniform reaction coefficient known as the K value.
  • Nitric acid, with a p"K" value of ca. -1.7, behaves as a strong acid in aqueous solutions with a pH greater than 1. At lower pH values it behaves as a weak acid.
  • Since the core material of a VIP is similar in thermal characteristics to materials used in conventional insulation, VIPs therefore achieve a much lower thermal conductivity ("k"-value) than conventional insulation, or in other words a higher thermal resistance per unit of thickness.
  • However, setting a large K value would also requires additional spatial and temporal cloaking which leads to a low resolution of information, which in turn could lead to degraded quality of service.
  • M(K) (or some variant) is sometimes used to identify magnitudes that have been calculated from a K value.
  • For example, to find the K value of methane at 100 psia and 60 °F.
  • It also offers better insulation (lambda/k value = 0.08 – approximately 20% lower thermal conductivity than lightweight expanded clay aggregate).
  • This method can be extended through resort to efficient pattern matching algorithms to include in the computation of the composition vectors: (i) all "k"-mers for any value of "k", (ii) all substrings of any length up to an arbitrarily set maximum "k" value, (iii) all maximal substrings, where a substring is maximal if extending it by any character would cause a decrease in its occurrence count.
  • The visual observation of inclusions on the fracture is used to determine a K-value for the melt and compared to a preset standard.
  • Plotting "s"("k") against "k" gives a very graphic demonstration of why it is a good idea to keep the "k" value well below the asymptote at "k" = 1 since in the vicinity thereof, "s"("k") increases sharply and therefore so does loan cost which is in turn an increasing function of parameter "s" ("rT" product).
  • Note that the p"K" [...] value does in general depend on the pH value.
  • The p"K" value for this reaction shows that it can be ignored at pH > 4.
  • The value of [...] is the number whose binary digits form the plot.
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