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K2 [mountain]
K2 {m} [Berg]
shibkovite [K(Ca,Mn,Na)2(K2– xG x)2Zn3Si12O30]
Shibkovit {m}
*K2, P2* repeat 5 times more. [knitting]
2 M re, 2 M li insgesamt 6 x stricken.
*K2, P2* repeat 5 times. [knitting]
2 M re, 2 M li insgesamt 5 x stricken.
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  • K2 {m} [Berg] = K2 [mountain]
  • K2 {m} [Berg] = Savage Mountain [Himalayas]
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  • Both k1 Puppis and k2 Puppis are bright blue B-type stars of nearly equal brightness, +4.50 and +4.62, respectively.
  • Because k2 is in the top half of the table, both 00 and 01 point to it because there is no other key to compare to that begins with a 0.
  • Wave groups can only be discerned in case of a narrow-banded signal, with the wave-number difference "k1 − k2" small compared to the mean wave number "½ (k1 + k2)".
  • B, B → C is given by k = k2K1, where k2 is the rate constant of the rate-limiting slow second step and K1 is the equilibrium constant of the rapid first step.
  • In the case where "vx = vy = vz = k", the scaling is also called an enlargement or dilation by a factor k, increasing the area by a factor of k2 and the volume by a factor of k3.

  • Love number k2 is an important proportional dimensionless constant relating the tidal field acting to the body with the multipolar moment resulting from the mass distribution of the body.
  • The conditions set limits on the value of the constant multiplier k2 in the expression for T2.
  • The design of covalent drugs requires careful optimization of both the non-covalent binding affinity (which is reflected in Ki) and the reactivity of the electrophilic warhead (which is reflected in k2).
  • Note that two hex-digits of k1 and k2 define one byte of the input string, whose length is 64 bytes .
  • This can be done by choosing a stationary phase that has a greater difference between k1' and k2'.

  • The naive approach at brute-forcing this encryption scheme is to decrypt the ciphertext with every possible "k"2, and decrypt each of the intermediate outputs with every possible "k"1, for a total of 2"|k1|" × 2"|k2|" (or 2"|k1|+|k2|") operations.
  • Its direction is given by k4 = k1 + k2 − k3, and so if the two pump beams are counterpropagating (k1 = −k2), then the conjugate and signal beams propagate in opposite directions (k4 = −k3).
  • He was a semi-finalist on the ninth season of "American Idol". He later auditioned for the Korean equivalent of "American Idol", Superstar k2, and finished second.
  • "My Ambition" is a 2006 short film produced by k2 Productions. Based on the 1951 Richard Matheson short story "Blood Son", it was written for the screen and directed by Keith Dinielli.
  • She is currently married to Miguel Correa, an Olympic Argentine paddler who took the 5th place of k2 200m at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

  • In July August 2004 Hayatullah Khan Durrani was nominated by ACP Islamabad as expedition chief of the Pakistani National mountaineering expedition to represent Pakistan in the 1st climbed of Golden Jubilee ceremony of k2 mount organised by the Government of Italy under the leadership of Italian federal Minister Gianni Alemanno Gerygory Alemano accompanied by Lino Lacedelli the first mountaineer on earth who climbed K2 in 1953.
  • If one reaction occurs much faster than the other one (k1 > k2), it (k1) will be called the main reaction, the other one (k2) side reaction.
  •   However, evidence for similar general-acid catalysis of the k2 reaction (Tet2) has been controverted; apparently water provides a proton to the amine leaving group.
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