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Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Essen) <KWI>
Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut {n} Essen <KWI>
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  • Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut {n} Essen <KWI> = Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Essen) <KWI>
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  • In a religious context, the term kwi connotes a style of worship of a particular Christian church which is marked by formality and decorum.
  • The Guayaquil woodpecker's most common call is "a liquid, rolling “kwi-kwi-kwe-rrrrrrr”".
  • The song is a fast-paced, rising and falling tone "tr'r'r'R'E'E'E'E'E'R'r'r'r'r". The call is a sharp "kwi-di-dik".
  • The Chocó poorwill's song is "a resonant, whistled rhythmic "kwor kwor kwor kweeér". It also makes "frog-like notes such as "kwok" or "kwi-kwok", and a "klaw".
  • In some Okinawan writing systems, a small ぃ is also combined with the kana く ("ku") and ふ to form the digraphs くぃ "kwi" and ふぃ "hwi" respectively, although the Ryukyu University system uses the kana ゐ/ヰ instead.

  • Quinupristin/dalfopristin, or quinupristin-dalfopristin, (pronunciation: kwi NYOO pris tin / dal FOE pris tin) (trade name Synercid) is a combination of two antibiotics used to treat infections by staphylococci and by vancomycin-resistant "Enterococcus faecium".
  • Originally called N'wha-kwi-sen (smoothing stones), it was later mapped as Rivière de l’Anse-au-Sable (Sandy Bay River), the name Mission Creek was adopted in 1860 in honour of the Catholic Oblate Mission established by Father Pandosy and other settlers.
  • The term kwi has roots in the Kpelle word "kwi-nuu" (foreigner or civilized person).
  • It is known as tamuatá in Brazil, atipa in French Guiana, hassa in Guyana, kwi kwi (or kwie kwie [...]) in Suriname, cascadu or cascadura in Trinidad and Tobago, and busco or currito in Venezuela.
  • Ultimately, the English interrogative pronouns (those beginning with "wh" in addition to the word "how"), derive from the Proto-Indo-European root "kwo-" or "kwi", the former of which was reflected in Proto-Germanic as "χwa-" or "khwa-", [...] due to Grimm's law.

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