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NOUN   kaddish | kaddishes
Kaddish [Jewish memorial prayer]
Kaddisch {n} [seltener: {m}] [jüdiches Gedenkgebet]
to say Kaddish
Kaddisch sagen
Kaddish for a child not born / an unborn child [Imre Kertész]
Kaddisch für ein nicht geborenes Kind
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  • The following includes the half, complete, mourner's and rabbi's kaddish. The variant lines of the kaddish after a burial or a siyum are given below.
  • The section concludes with the "Rabbis' Kaddish" ("kaddish de-rabbanan").
  • The main observance involves recitation of "kaddish" prayer, and a widely practiced custom is to light a special candle that burns for 24 hours, called a yahrtzeit candle.
  • Tachanun is invariably followed by "half "kaddish" at Shacharit and by "full "kaddish" at Mincha and in Selichot.
  • Anne Chandal, now Dinn, unconventionally decides to say "kaddish" for her old friend, even though she is a woman and women did not say "kaddish" in Orthodox synagogues in the 1940s.

  • (Hebrew: "God be praised") is a prayer in the final portion of the Pesukei Dezimra morning prayers of Judaism known as shacharit, recited before the second kaddish leading to the Shema prayers.
  • At her funeral, her nephew said that he is like a son to her and many of her students said kaddish for her together with her nephew.
  • A choir and organ, located behind a screen to the rear of the "bimah", accompany the congregation in all musical parts of the service except for the "aleinu" and the kaddish.
  • The typical structure of a siyum event includes a conclusion of the study, reading of the "Hadran" text, kaddish, and a celebratory meal.
  • It is also mandated as a response during the kaddish doxology.

  • Brudny is often invited to speak at public events such as the Agudah convention and funerals, and said the kaddish at the 2020 Siyum Hashas.
  • On the Friday following the shooting, David Shribman, executive editor of the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette", ran the opening of the Hebrew-Aramaic "kaddish", often called the Jewish mourner's prayer, as a full-width front-page headline.
  • Encouraged by her grandmother, she went to the synagogue daily to say the kaddish for him during the first year after his death, an honor and responsibility traditionally reserved for a son.
  • The former chief rabbi of France, Rabbi René Samuel Sirat, says he personally witnessed Lustiger entering the synagogue to recite "kaddish"—the Jewish mourners' prayer—for his mother.
  • An Aramaic prayer which focuses on the idea of magnification and sanctification of God's name. There are five versions of kaddish for different purposes.

  • These "aliyot" are followed by half-kaddish. When the Torah is read in the afternoon, "kaddish" is not recited at this point, but rather after the Torah has been returned to the Ark.
  • A significant difference compared to nusach ashkenazi resides in the kaddish. Indeed, for example, Nusach Sfard adds " [...] ", which is an heritage from the Sephardic kaddish.
  • In 2008, D'Or also released "Shirat Rabim" ("Prayers", or "Songs of the Many"—"A World Prayer; The Jewish Project of David D'Or and Patric Sabag"), a collection of prayers that he had originally heard from his father, and which he focused on when he started attending synagogue to say kaddish after his father's death.
  • With few exceptions, one does not respond amen to his or her own "berakha," although other prayers—such as the kaddish—include "amen" in their text.
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