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NOUN   a kerf | kerfs
kerfSägeschlitz {m}
kerfFallkerbe {f}
kerf [width of a kerf]Schnittbreite {f}
kerf knife
Kerbmesser {n}
saw kerfEinschnitt {m} [einer Säge]
saw kerfSchnittfuge {f} [einer Säge]
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  • A splitter is a stationary blade of similar thickness to the rotating saw blade mounted behind it to prevent a board from pinching inward into the saw kerf and binding on the saw blade, potentially causing a dangerous kickback.
  • "Abrasive water jet machining of Titanium (Ti6Al4V)–CFRP stacks–A semi-analytical modeling approach in the prediction of kerf geometry" Journal of Manufacturing Processes 39 (2019): 327–337.
  • The dowels are connected to an angle bracket that is in turn connected by anchor bolts to the building's load-bearing wall or steel frame. Kerf anchorage systems operate in much the same way with different metal hardware.
  • See Saw and Sawfiler for more detailed information about set, kerf, and maintenance of saws.
  • A variant on the kerf bend can be used to create living hinges in laser cut wood. The technique is popular for making light-duty hinges with large radii.

  • Blades are marked with their number of teeth, kerf and hook angle.
  • A "panel hacksaw" has a frame made of a deep, thin sheet aligned behind the blade's kerf, so that the saw could cut into panels of sheet metal without the length of cut being restricted by the frame.
  • Most band saw blades create the kerf by bending the teeth side to side, which results in premature tooth wear.
  • The tip of the saw tooth is swaged to a flare, then the sides are compressed in slightly with a shaper tool to an exact kerf.
  • The kerf of a chainsaw cut is wide, relative to the kerf of a bandsaw mill or circular saw.

  • A "kerf" is the opening in the wood made by the saw.
  • Timber mills use very large bandsaws for ripping lumber; they are preferred over circular saws for ripping because they can accommodate large-diameter timber and because of their smaller kerf (cut size), resulting in less waste.
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