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Kerguelen (Island)
Kergueleninsel {f}
Kerguelen Islands
Kerguelen {pl}
Kerguelen cabbage [Pringlea antiscorbutica]
Kerguelenkohl {m}
Kerguelen tern [Sterna virgata]
Kerguelenseeschwalbe {f}
Kerguelen cormorant [Phalacrocorax verrucosus]
Kerguelenscharbe {f}
Kerguelen shag [Phalacrocorax verrucosus]
Kerguelenscharbe {f}
Kerguelen petrel [Lugensa brevirostris]
Kerguelensturmvogel {m}
Kerguelen fur seal [Arctocephalus gazella]
Antarktischer Seebär {m}
cytosine-phosphate-guanine island <CpG island>
Cytosin-Phosphat-Guanin-Insel {f} <CpG-Insel>
islandEiland {n} [geh.]
islandInsel {f}
island republicInselrepublik {f}
Fergusson Island
Fergusson-Insel {f}
island operation
Inselbetrieb {m}
Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt-Insel {f}
cooking island
Kochinsel {f}
island ferry
Inselfähre {f}
Kodiak Island
Kodiak-Insel {f}
Greek island
griechische Insel {f}
desert islandWüsteneiland {n}
Antillean island
Antilleninsel {f}
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  • and the Kerguelen Island population had a 17% reduction from 1979 to 1995.
  • Since it is the largest island in the archipelago with no introduced species (no rabbits, cats, mice or rats), Île Foch is used as a reference as to the original ecosystem of Kerguelen Island.
  • He made three trips to the subantarctic, visiting Macquarie Island, Heard Island and Kerguelen Island.
  • M-100 rockets were launched from sites in the former Soviet Union. Launches also took place from Kerguelen island, Koroni in Greece and Akita in Japan.
  • In 1825, he joined Royal Sovereign that was headed to Kerguelen Island. The ship arrived on the Kerguelen, which at that time were also called Island of Desolation or just Desolation.

  • 40 east in the South Indian Ocean in about near Kerguelen Island.
  • Here she broadened her skill set to encompass the identification and distribution of living diatoms, through participation in the Kerguelen Island research mission (KEOPS) to understand natural iron-fertilisation of the oceans and the response stimulated in diatoms.
  • The pass is named after the Australian James Kerguelen Robinson (1859–1914), the first human born south of the Antarctic Convergence – on board the sealing ship "Offley" in Gulf of Morbihan (Royal Sound then), Kerguelen Island on 11 March 1859.
  • The bay is named after Lieutenant Charles Marc du Boisguehenneuc (1740-1778), a member of the French expedition of Kerguelen-Trémarec who made the first recorded landing south of the Antarctic Convergence, on Kerguelen Island on 14 February 1772.
  • In 1975 research vessel Profesor Siedlecki took its second cruise, commanded by captain Miron Babiak to explore the fishing grounds of Kerguelen Island.

  • Kerguelen Island (49°S), South Georgia (54°S), and other subantarctic islands are all so heavily wind-exposed and with a too-cold summer climate (tundra) that none have any indigenous tree species.
  • The Îles Leygues lie across the Passe de la Résolution from Île Howe, and north of the main Kerguelen island of Grande Terre.
  • The Australian James Kerguelen Robinson (1859–1914) was the first human born in the Antarctic, on board the sealing ship "Offley" in the Gulf of Morbihan (Royal Sound then), Kerguelen Island on 11 March 1859.
  • This species is found in the cold waters of the South Orkneys, the South Shetland Islands, Kerguelen Island and the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • The second boundary established by the treaty is that between Heard and McDonald Islands (Australia) and Kerguelen Island (France) in the southern Indian Ocean.

  • Harry Stine set Book #5 of his Warbots series "Operation High Dragon" (original printing: Jan 1989) in a hidden satellite contamination station on Kerguelen Island.
  • The highest point in the territory is Mont Ross on Kerguelen Island at [...].
  • These fisheries are located around the Kerguelen Islands (CCAMLR Statistical Division 58.5.1) and the Crozet Islands (CCAMLR Statistical Division 58.6).
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