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Kerguelen (Island)
Kergueleninsel {f}
Kerguelen Islands
Kerguelen {pl}
Kerguelen cabbage [Pringlea antiscorbutica]
Kerguelenkohl {m}
Kerguelen cormorant [Phalacrocorax verrucosus]
Kerguelenscharbe {f}
Kerguelen fur seal [Arctocephalus gazella]
Antarktischer Seebär {m}
Kerguelen petrel [Lugensa brevirostris]
Kerguelensturmvogel {m}
Kerguelen shag [Phalacrocorax verrucosus]
Kerguelenscharbe {f}
Kerguelen tern [Sterna virgata]
Kerguelenseeschwalbe {f}
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  • Originally, the main type of low altitude vegetation consisted of a thick and continuous carpet of azorellae ("Azorella selago") on which could be established various other species such as the famous Kerguelen cabbage, "Pringlea antiscorbutica" (family Brassicaceae).
  • There are also large numbers of breeding gentoo penguins, Kerguelen shags, black-faced sheathbills, brown skuas, Kerguelen and Antarctic terns, and kelp gulls.
  • "Calycopteryx mosleyi", found on the Kerguelen Islands and Heard Island, is associated with the Kerguélen cabbage ("Pringlea antiscorbutica", Brassicaceae).
  • In 1772, Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec and the naturalist Jean Guillaume Bruguière sailed to the Antarctic region in search of the fabled Terra Australis.
  • In 1825, he joined Royal Sovereign that was headed to Kerguelen Island. The ship arrived on the Kerguelen, which at that time were also called Island of Desolation or just Desolation.

  • The Second voyage of Kerguelen was an expedition of the French Navy to the southern Indian Ocean conducted by the 64-gun ship of the line "Roland", the 32-gun frigate "Oiseau", and the corvette "Dauphine", under Captain Kerguelen.
  • Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec (13 February 1734 – 3 March 1797) was a French Navy officer.
  • The pass is named after the Australian James Kerguelen Robinson (1859–1914), the first human born south of the Antarctic Convergence – on board the sealing ship "Offley" in Gulf of Morbihan (Royal Sound then), Kerguelen Island on 11 March 1859.
  • The peak is named after the French zoologist Jean Guillaume Bruguière (1750-1798) who sailed with Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec to Kerguelen Islands in 1772, becoming the first scientist after Edmund Halley to visit the Antarctic region.
  • The bay is named after Lieutenant Charles Marc du Boisguehenneuc (1740-1778), a member of the French expedition of Kerguelen-Trémarec who made the first recorded landing south of the Antarctic Convergence, on Kerguelen Island on 14 February 1772.

  • Other birds nesting in relatively large numbers include wandering, sooty, grey-headed and Indian yellow-nosed albatrosses, northern giant petrels, blue and Kerguelen petrels, and common diving petrels.
  • "Poa kerguelensis" is a species of tussock grass native to various subantarctic islands. The specific epithet refers to the type locality – the Kerguelen Islands.
  • Louise Seguin was the first European woman to travel to the Antarctic region, disguised as a boy or a courtesan on the 1772–1773 voyage of Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen.
  • A vagrant Commerson's dolphin — a species with two isolated populations, one along the southern coast of Argentina and the other around the Kerguelen Islands — was sighted on the Agulhas Bank in 2004.
  • 120-95 Ma when the Southern and Central Kerguelen Plateau formed together with the Broken Ridge, the Kerguelen hotspot produced [...] /year, but 95-25 Ma the output decreased to [...].

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