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NOUN   kin | -
SYNO akin | blood-related | clan | ...
kin [treated as pl.]Verwandtschaft {f}
kin [treated as pl.]
Sippe {f} [oft hum. od. pej.] [Familie, Verwandtschaft]
kin {sg}Verwandte {pl}
kinSippschaft {f} [veraltend] [Sippe, Verwandtschaft]
Freundschaft {f} [regional] [Verwandtschaft, die Verwandten]
2 Wörter
kin (to) {adj}verwandt (mit)
kin liabilityBlutschuld {f}
kin liabilitySippenhaftung {f}
kin liability
Sippenhaft {f}
kin recognition
Verwandtenerkennung {f}
kin relationsVerwandtschaftsbeziehungen {pl}
kin selection
Sippenselektion {f}
kin selection
Verwandtenselektion {f}
3 Wörter
next of kinnächster Verwandter {m}
next of kinnächster Angehöriger {m}
4 Wörter
with kith and kin {adv} [obs.] [idiom]mit Kind und Kegel [Redewendung]
next-of-kin marriageVerwandtschaftsehe {f}
the next of kin [treated as pl.]die nächsten Angehörigen {pl}
the next of kin {pl}die nächsten Verwandten {pl}
5+ Wörter
Are you any kin to him?Bist du mit ihm verwandt?
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
(The) Holy Kin
(Die) Heilige Sippe
(The) Next of Kin [Thorold Dickinson, 1942]
Die nächsten Angehörigen
Next of Kin [Atom Egoyan, 1984]
Die nächsten Angehörigen
Next of Kin [John Boyne]
Das Vermächtnis der Montignacs
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  • Kundenbetreuer {m} im Nahverkehr <KiN> = conductor [for German regional traffic]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Kin is released from prison and starts a successful restaurant chain with his inmate friends. After breaking up with Wah, Kin and Gwan become a couple.
  • In a greenhouse experiment with "Ipomoea hederacea", a climbing plant, results show that kin groups have higher efficiency rates in growth than non-kin groups do.
  • Others who are not related by blood or marriage, but have a significant emotional relationship are variously called fictive kin, chosen kin, or voluntary kin.
  • The ability to differentiate between kin and non-kin is not necessary for kin selection in many animals.
  • In sociology of the family, this idea is referred to as chosen kin, fictive kin or voluntary kin.

  • Though kin selection theory predicts "Z. tuberculatus" pupae should be more likely to aggregate in an intraspecific manner than interspecifically, "Z.
  • Hamilton went beyond kin relatedness to work with Robert Axelrod, analysing games of co-operation under conditions not involving kin where reciprocal altruism came into play.
  • Kin'unken (錦雲軒七宝焼 Kin'unken Shippōyaki) was a Japanese cloisonnéーmaking company located in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Studies have shown that kin recognition is more developed in species in which dispersal patterns facilitate frequent adult kin encounters.
  • "Tengan Pier" (26°24.2'N 127°51.1'E) is located at the western end of Kin Wan Bay. Kin Wan Bay is on the east central side of Okinawa between Kin Saki (Kin Point) and the Katsuren Peninsula.

  • This surname can trace its roots back to either the Anglo-Saxon people of Britain and to the name "Johan-kin", or to the Scandinavian Nordic name "Haakon" and its patronymic "Haakonsson".
  • Kin is home to the Dragon Brand of awamori, with a Buddhist shrine built in 1522, and a 270-meter natural cave known as Kin Shonyudo that doubles as both a place of worship and a cellar for aging bottles of the drink.
  • As of June 2021, a settlement out of court has been reached between Airbus and the next of kin; all the next of kin have received compensation.
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