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NOUN   a Killing form | Killing forms
Killing form
Killing-Form {f}
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Killing form
Killing-Form {f}math.
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  • on the Lie group is the Cartan metric, aka the Killing form.
  • Conversely, it follows easily from Cartan's criterion for solvability that a semisimple algebra (in characteristic 0) has a non-degenerate Killing form.
  • The Riemannian metric of the target manifold is given by a positive constant multiplied by the Killing form acting upon the Maurer–Cartan form of SU("N").
  • When the Killing form of the Lie algebra is contracted with the current commutator, one obtains the energy–momentum tensor of a two-dimensional conformal field theory.
  • Since for a simple Lie algebra every invariant bilinear form is a multiple of the Killing form, the corresponding Casimir element is uniquely defined up to a constant.
  • The inner product [...] is the restriction of the Killing form to the Cartan subalgebra.
  • A real form is called a compact form if the Killing form on it is negative-definite; it is necessarily the Lie algebra of a compact Lie group (hence, the name).
  • The Killing form was essentially introduced into Lie algebra theory by [...] in his thesis.
  • is the Killing form. The minus sign appears because the Killing form is negative-definite on [...] this makes [...] positive-definite.
  • The metric tensor [...] on the Lie group is the Cartan metric, the Killing form. For [...] a (pseudo-)Riemannian manifold, the metric is a (pseudo-)Riemannian metric.
  • These arise in particular when [...] above is semisimple, when the Killing form provides a duality between [...] and [...].
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