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NOUN   kina | kinas
Papua New Guinea kina <PGK, K>
Papua-Neuguinea-Kina {m} <PGK, K>
Papua New Guinea kina <PGK, K>
papua-neuguineischer Kina {m} <PGK, K>
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  • Papua-Neuguinea-Kina {m} <PGK, K> = Papua New Guinea kina <PGK, K>
  • papua-neuguineischer Kina {m} <PGK, K> = Papua New Guinea kina <PGK, K>
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  • 87000 of 10000 hectares were under water in the reservoir River Iguazu, which, as well as in Rio Monday kina different fish abound.
  • Known as බ‍ටු කින ( batu kina ) in Sinhala.
  • In the late 1980s, roots bands like Shang Shang Typhoon and the Boom became popular. Okinawan roots bands like Nenes and Kina were also commercially and critically successful.
  • If kina populations become out of control, kelp forest can be entirely eaten away, leaving bare rocks, also known as Kina Barrens.
  • Caddies receive one kina for carrying the clubs for nine holes and two kina for eighteen holes.

  • A new issue of banknotes has been issued starting with the 50 kina in 1999, then the 100 kina in 2005, 2 and 20 kina in 2007 and the 5 and 10 kina in 2008.
  • Before European settlement, Māori fished the waters for kina, pāua and kuku.
  • The art was passed down to Shosei Kina (1882–1981) who was the second generation Soke or head master.
  • He authored and edited a number of books, including the first Polish thematic "Encyklopedia kina" (Encyclopedia of the Cinema) and the comprehensive series "Historia kina" (The History of Cinema).
  • Nixon Duban was charged with Fraud, of 1.2M kina, by the Waigani Criminal Court in September 2020.

  • In March 2014, he was convicted of misappropriation over 10 million kina, and sentenced to nine years of hard labour.
  • Ostrov Amel'kina Griva (...) is a Russian island located in Lake Chany, Russia, approximately 7 km from Bekhten.
  • The Maori people and other New Zealanders eat sea urchin roe, called "kina".
  • Gwinko (born [...] on June 4, 1973, in Okinawa, Japan) is a Japanese singer who is currently a member of the duo Kina & Gwinko Worldchamploo.
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