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kilonewton <kN>
Kilonewton {n} <kN>
knots <kn, kts>
Knoten {pl} <kn>
knot <kn, kt>
Knoten {m} <kn>
Knudsen number <Kn>
Knudsen-Zahl {f} <Kn>
Saint Kitts and Nevis <.kn>
St. Kitts und Nevis {n}
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  • Kilonewton {n} <kN> = kilonewton <kN>
  • Knoten {pl} <kn> = knots <kn, kts>
  • Knoten {m} <kn> = knot <kn, kt>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • During the time of production, the Aerostar held the speed record for fastest twin piston general aviation aircraft, capable of cruise speeds from 220 kn (408 km/h) for the earliest 600 models to 261 kn (483 km/h) for the later 700 models.
  • The ship was originally planned for 25 kn using combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) system.
  • In 2018, in Italy, the Vaia Storm, causes frequent gusts of around 55 kn the whole peninsula with peaks of 128 kn in the alpine areas, leading to the fall of 14 million trees.
  • The corner speed is 210 kn (390 km/h) the stall speed is 78 kn (145 km/h).
  • Talas moved to the west, peaking at 45 kn/50 mph before weakening due to lack of outflow.

  • 44 kn, and broken again in 2006 by Rob Munro (GB) at Walvis Bay, 35.65 kn.
  • Speed = 10.0 kn||"Circinus" (1919–1930), US flag.
  • , an indicated airspeed of 300 kn may correspond to a true airspeed of 500 kn in standard conditions.
  • 1 point for a 30 kn (35 mph) tropical depression and up to 25 points for a hurricane with winds above 150 kn (175 mph).
  • The Optica has a loiter speed of 130 km/h (70 kn; 81 mph) and a stall speed of 108 km/h (58 kn; 67 mph).

  • The storm reached winds of 93 km/h (58 mph; 50 kn) with gusts of 125 km/h (78 mph; 68 kn).
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