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knowledge managementWissensverwaltung {f}
knowledge management
Knowledgemanagement {n} [Rsv.]
knowledge management
Wissensmanagement {n}
knowledge management <KM>
Knowledge-Management {n} <KM>
3 Wörter
knowledge asset management <KAM>Wissensvermögensverwaltung {f}
4 Wörter
cooperative knowledge management system
kooperatives Wissensmanagementsystem {n}
5+ Wörter
cultural engineering, knowledge management, logistics
Kulturwissenschaft, Wissensmanagement, Logistik <KWL> [Studiengangsbezeichnung]
database-based knowledge management tool
datenbankbasiertes Knowledge-Managementtool {n}
Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge <PMBoK Guide> [esp. Am.]
PMBoK Guide {m} [Projektmanagement]
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  • Knowledge-Management {n} <KM> = knowledge management <KM>
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  • Since some knowledge management researchers assume that these two concepts are rather similar and have overlapping content, there is often confusion, especially among researchers and practitioners, about what a certain concept means.
  • Organizational learning theories and knowledge management practices can be applied to organizational design and leadership decisions.
  • Conversational knowledge management software fulfills this purpose because conversations, e.g.
  • Knowledge ecology is a concept originating from knowledge management and that aimed at "bridging the gap between the static data repositories of knowledge management and the dynamic, adaptive behavior of natural systems", and in particular relying on the concept of interaction and emergence.
  • RDF's simple data model and ability to model disparate, abstract concepts has also led to its increasing use in knowledge management applications unrelated to Semantic Web activity.

  • They include knowledge management and communication, design reasoning and decision making, and documentation.
  • These issues are leadership, communication within virtual teams, team members' motivation, and knowledge management.
  • Results of their work include the RDF(S) based Corese search engine, and the application of semantic web technology in the realm of distributed artificial intelligence for knowledge management (e.g.
  • The Civil Military Overview (CMO) is an experimental portal supported by a dedicated information and knowledge management organization, the Civil Military Fusion Centre (CFC).
  • He also coined the concept of the "knowledge worker – as differentiated from manual workers – and how knowledge management would become part of an entity's processes.

  • In some disciplines such as knowledge management/intellectual capital, the lack of a well-established journal ranking system is perceived by academics as "a major obstacle on the way to tenure, promotion and achievement recognition".
  • When asked whether they recommended using MediaWiki for knowledge management course group project, 15 out of 16 respondents expressed their preference for MediaWiki giving answers of great certainty, such as "of course", "for sure".
  • In 1981, Rob Akscyn and Donald McCracken, two principals from the ZOG project, founded Knowledge Systems to develop and market a commercial follow-on to ZOG called KMS ("Knowledge Management System").
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