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NOUN   Knowth | -
Knowth [Irish: Cnóbha] [Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site]
Knowth {n} [Welterbestätte in Irland, zusammen mit Newgrange und Dowth]
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  • Congal's son Conaing Cuirre (died 662) was also a king of Brega and ancestor of the Uí Chonaing of Cnogba (Knowth) or North Brega.
  • The passage tomb is a large mound of earth or stone with a narrow passage leading from outside to a central chamber or chambers. Examples of this type include Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth.
  • This theory was preferred at nearby Knowth, where the restorers laid the quartz stones out as an "apron" in front of the entrance to the great mound.
  • Many orthostats were a focus for megalithic art, as at Knowth in Ireland.
  • while the first two translate as the caves of Knowth and Slaney.
  • This branch ruled Knowth, the northern part of Brega.
  • ... 'Valley of the Boyne' often, though incorrectly, rendered 'Palace of the Boyne') is the starting point for all visits to the monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Brú na Bóinne, notably the passage graves of Newgrange and Knowth.
  • The entrances to the western and eastern passages were discovered in 1967 and 1968 respectively, and, slowly, the layers of activity at the site of Knowth were uncovered.
  • In Europe, an elaborately carved ceremonial flint mace head was one of the artifacts discovered in excavations of the Neolithic mound of Knowth in Ireland, and Bronze Age archaeology cites numerous finds of perforated mace heads.
  • Eogan was particularly known for his work over forty years at Knowth, having been director of the Knowth Research Project.
  • The Celts knew the Metonic cycle thousands of years ago, as evidenced by artifacts such as the Knowth Calendar Stone. It was almost certainly the basis for the 19-year so-called Celtic Great Year.
  • The advent of the Bronze Age Beaker culture in Ireland is accompanied by the destruction of smaller satellite tombs at Knowth [...] and collapses of the great cairn at Newgrange, [...] marking an end to the Neolithic culture of megalithic passage tombs.
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