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Krabbe / Krabbe's disease [globoid cell leukodystrophy]
Morbus Krabbe {m}
Krabbe / Krabbe's disease [globoid cell leukodystrophy]
Krabbe-Krankheit {f}
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  • Anne Krabbe (1552-1618) was a Danish writer. She was the daughter of Erik Krabbe til Bustrup (1510–1564) and Margrethe Reventlow (1525–1606), and married Jacob Bjørn (1561–1596) in 1588.
  • Unfortunately, the Krabbe-Höeghs remained childless.
  • Urne's son-in-law, Flemming Ulfeldt, in 1647 sold it to Iver Krabbe.
  • Aster Krabbe's death in 1564, Aastrup was passed to his son Glob Krabbe.
  • In 1578, King Frederick II ceded the property to Karen Krabbe in exchange for Nygaard, an estate located between Vejle and Kolding.
  • The name is a wordplay on the AK-47 assault rifle, 4711, a brand of Eau de Cologne, and the initials of the lead singer Anja Krabbe.
  • The form "krabbe" also suggests an etymological root cognate with the German verb "krabbeln", 'to crawl’.
  • "Big Brother 2002" was the fourth season of the Dutch version of "Big Brother". Like the third season, the show was broadcast by Yorin again. It lasted from 28 August to 23 December 2002 for a total of 118 days. The presenter was Martijn Krabbé, the son of Jeroen Krabbé, psychologist Dr. Steven Pont as the commentator.
  • In 2001 the book was made into a movie of the same name by Jeroen Krabbé. Mulisch allowed his novel be adapted for film on condition that the English comedian Stephen Fry play Onno Quist. Krabbé did not follow the book closely and removed some of the longer pieces, especially the friendship between Max and Onno and the youth of Quinten. He changed some events for dramatic reasons.
  • It was the first movie to star Jeroen Krabbé.
  • Krabbé is the son of painter Hendrik Maarten Krabbé (1868–1931) and singer Miep Rust (1874–1956). His sisters were Henny Eskens-Krabbé (who was a resistance fighter in World War II) and Lies van Buren-Krabbé.
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