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NOUN   a Kramers-Kronig relation | Kramers-Kronig relations
Kramers-Kronig relation
Kramers-Kronig-Relation {f}
Kramers-Kronig relation
Kramers-Kronig-Beziehung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Kramers Kronig relation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kramers-Kronig relation
Kramers-Kronig-Relation {f}math.

Kramers-Kronig-Beziehung {f}math.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • To calculate the optical properties of materials using the polarizability or refractivity volumes in nm3, the Gladstone–Dale relation competes with the KramersKronig relation and Lorentz–Lorenz relation but differs in optical theory.
  • The KramersKronig relation for dispersion was derived by Kronig (1926) independently of Kramers (1927).
  • In principle, these two spectral measurements can be interconverted through an integral transform (KramersKronig relation), if all the absorptions are included in the measurements.
  • Changes in absorption can have a strong effect on refractive index for wavelengths near the absorption edge, due to the KramersKronig relation.
  • An important prediction of Pekar’ theory is violation of the Kramers-Kronig relation in polariton resonances because the real part of dielectric function is controlled by the oscillator strength of polariton transition (or the splitting between the upper and lower polariton branches) while the imaginary part of it by the decay of polaritons.
  • In an optical context, the absorption spectrum is typically quantified by the extinction coefficient, and the extinction and index coefficients are quantitatively related through the Kramers-Kronig relation.
  • However, X-rays can be generated at special frequencies just below the frequencies corresponding to core electronic transitions in a material, as the index of refraction is often greater than 1 just below a resonant frequency (see KramersKronig relation and anomalous dispersion).
  • According to the Kramers-Kronig relation, the dispersion in the sound velocity (given by the real part of "K" or "G") goes along with a maximum in the sound attenuation (dissipation, given by the imaginary part of "K" or "G").
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