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(von Kries') persistence law
Persistenzsatz {m} (nach von Kries)
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Übersetzung für 'Kries'' von Englisch nach Deutsch

(von Kries') persistence law
Persistenzsatz {m} (nach von Kries)engin.
  • Persistenzsatz {m} (nach von Kries) = (von Kries') persistence law
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  • However, his findings went unnoticed by civil engineers. Kries's findings were subsequently derived independently in 1898 by the Russian fluid dynamicist Nikolay Yegorovich Zhukovsky (1847–1921), in 1898 by the American civil engineer Joseph Palmer Frizell (1832–1910), and in 1902 by the Italian engineer Lorenzo Allievi (1856–1941).
  • The application of Johannes von Kries's idea of adaptive gains on the three cone cell types was first explicitly applied to the problem of color constancy by Herbert E.
  • On 25 July 1952 Packebusch was transferred from the district of Salzwedel to the now defunct authority of Kries Kalbe (Milde). On 1 July 1994 they were placed into the district of Altmarkkreis Salzwedel.
  • The Hunt and RLAB color appearance models use the Hunt-Pointer-Estevez transformation matrix (MHPE) for conversion from CIE XYZ to LMS. This is the transformation matrix which was originally used in conjunction with the "von Kries transform" method, and is therefore also called von Kries transformation matrix (MvonKries).
  • "Helena" has been covered by Mama's Jasje in 1997 and by Kries Roosse in 2003. In 2006 "Helena" was covered by Rocco Granata.

  • Achim von Kries was a German military officer who served in the 1932-1935 Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia, commanding Bolivian armored fighting vehicles. He was wounded in action during the second battle of Nanawa. Von Kries later founded the Landesgruppe-Bolivie, the Bolivia branch of the German Nazi Party's Auslands-Organisation.
  • One of the limitations of CIELAB is that it does not offer a full-fledged chromatic adaptation in that it performs the von Kries transform method directly in the XYZ color space (often referred to as “wrong von Kries transform”), instead of changing into the LMS color space first for more precise results. ICC profiles circumvent this shortcoming by using the Bradford transformation matrix to the LMS color space (which had first appeared in the LLAB color appearance model) in conjunction with CIELAB.
  • By the turn of the century, Hoffman was working as a bookkeeper for the Meadow Brook Coal Company, and residing with his second wife at the boarding house operated by Margaret Kries and Marion Cantner at 124 Adams Avenue in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  • Alternatives to the von Kries coefficient law, while they have been brought up and studied (for example, Jameson and Hurvich's induced opponent response chromatic adaptation theory), have never reached the level of prevalence found by the simplicity of the von Kries coefficient law.
  • In 2007, Swan produced and mixed the second Kries album "Kocijani" (released in 2008).

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