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Bundesländer {pl}
2 Wörter
Länder chamber
Länderkammer {f}
3 Wörter
(new) eastern Länder [of Germany]
neue Bundesländer {pl}
Federal/Länder Committee
Bund/Länderausschuss {m}
4 Wörter
waterways of the Länder [federal states]
Landeswasserstraßen {pl}
western Länder (of Germany)
alte Bundesländer {pl}
5+ Wörter
Central Authority of the Länder for Health Protection with regard to Medicinal Products and Medical Devices <ZLG> [Germany]
Zentralstelle {f} der Länder für Gesundheitsschutz bei Arzneimitteln und Medizinprodukten <ZLG> [Deutschland]
fellow ministers (at Länder level)
Länderkollegen {pl} [Landesminister]
Representations of the States (Länder) in the Federation
Vertretungen {pl} der Länder beim Bund
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  • Länder {pl} = countries
  • Länder- [z. B. Kennung, Code, Kennzahl, Name, Auswahl] = country [attr.] [e.g. abbreviation, code, ID, name, selection]
  • B-Länder {pl} [informell, fachspr.] = [German states governed by the CDU / CSU]
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  • The orbiter will send a signal which will be picked up by the lander. As the orbiter moves along its orbit, the path between it and the lander will vary and so pass through differing parts of the comet. In addition, the rotation of the comet nucleus will also change the relative position of the lander and the orbiter. Hence, over several orbits, many different paths will have been obtained.
  • "Schiaparelli" had a UHF radio to communicate with Mars orbiters. The lander had two antennae, one on the back shell and one on the lander. When the back shell is ejected, it can transmit from the spiral antenna on body of the lander. When an orbiter can communicate with the lander depends on where it is in its orbit, and not all orbiters could record or talk with lander because the globe of Mars blocks the line of sight to the lander. The ExoMars TGO could also communicate with it using the UHF system. The EDM "woke up" from hibernation about 90 minutes prior to landing, and transmitted continuously for 15 minutes prior to landing.
  • Luna 27 (Luna-Resurs 1 lander or Luna-Resource-1 lander) is a planned lunar lander mission by the Roscosmos with collaboration by the European Space Agency (ESA) to send a lander to the South Pole–Aitken basin, an area on the far side of the Moon.
  • MRO played a key role in choosing safe landing sites for the "Phoenix" lander (2008), "Mars Science Laboratory" / "Curiosity" rover (2012), "InSight" lander (2018), and the "Mars 2020" / "Perseverance" rover (2021).
  • All payloads are either statically accommodated on the lander body, held at distance from the lander by dedicated booms, or are deployed in close proximity to the lander (1–2m) by robotic arm. Payloads which analyze samples of regolith close-up will receive small amounts of material gathered from the vicinity of the lander by an acquisition device on the end of the robotic arm.

  • Three panoramic cameras are installed on the lander, facing different directions. The lander is equipped with a single descent camera that was tested on the Chang'e 2 spacecraft.
  • Kosmos 434 ([...]; meaning "Cosmos 434") was the final uncrewed test flight of the Soviet LK Lander. It performed the longest burn of the four uncrewed LK Lander tests, validating the backup rocket engine of the LK's "Blok E" propulsion system. It finished in a 186 km by 11,804 km orbit. This test qualified the lander as flightworthy.
  • A lander concept, simply called Europa Lander is being assessed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. [...] , this lander mission to Europa remains a concept, although some funds have been released for instrument development and maturation.
  • The lander has a single thruster pointing directly downwards beneath it. Firing the thruster causes the lander to fly straight upwards. The lander has a flight ceiling above which the thruster will not fire. To fly in any direction requires the lander to be tilted in that direction. The lander can only pitch and yaw; it cannot roll. Too much tilt can cause the lander to turn upside-down, a position which may be difficult to recover, and can cause the player to crash the lander by accidentally thrusting downwards. The lander, although agile, is vulnerable, and may be destroyed by a single enemy shot.
  • Each lander was enclosed in an aeroshell heat shield designed to slow the lander down during the entry phase. To prevent contamination of Mars by Earth organisms, each lander, upon assembly and enclosure within the aeroshell, was enclosed in a pressurized "bioshield" and then sterilized at a temperature of [...] for 40 hours. For thermal reasons, the cap of the bioshield was jettisoned after the Centaur upper stage powered the Viking orbiter/lander combination out of Earth orbit.

  • The first proposal, Mars-Precursor Lunar Lander is a reusable crewed lunar lander first unveiled in October 2018, and it is being proposed to NASA for funding and fabrication. NASA specified that it would wait until 2024 to decide the date and method for a crewed lunar lander, and have hinted at seeking a crewed lander no heavier than [...]. The reusable lander would enable sustainable lunar surface exploration. The second proposal, revealed on 10 April 2019, is a 2-stage lander proposed to meet Vice President Mike Pence's challenge to return humans to the Moon by 2024.
  • In October 2016 the ESA "Schiaparelli" lander attempted to land near Endeavour crater, and the two teams worked together for "Opportunity" to possibly image the lander during its descent. "Opportunity" did take pictures of the area of the sky the lander was coming down in although the lander was not identified at that time; the nature of MER-B's cameras, the terrain, and the uncertainty of the lander's location, meant imaging was not a certainty. By late October 2016 it was confirmed Schiaparelli had crashed into the surface rather than achieving a soft touchdown.
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